Fox News Blasts NSA For ‘Unmasking’ Tucker Carlson: ‘Entirely Unacceptable’

Image Credits: Nicolas Armer/picture alliance via Getty Images.

Fox News has said it is “entirely unacceptable” that on-air personality Tucker Carlson was unmasked by intelligence officials following a report that also said he was not a target for surveillance.

The National Security Agency’s (NSA) review of the matter showed that Carlson’s communications were not targeted, according to a report from The Record, a cybersecurity news publication.

Carlson had previously claimed that the NSA was spying on him and trying to get his popular prime time show taken off the air. The agency denied this was the case in a rare public statement on June 29.

Citing sources speaking on condition of anonymity, The Record reported on Friday that Carlson’s communications were also not intercepted by “incidental collection.”

This is when the government obtains emails or phone calls of U.S. citizens who have been in contact with a foreign target of surveillance.

However, Carlson’s name was mentioned in communications between third parties that were reviewed by the NSA and his name was subsequently “unmasked.”

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It is no secret or revelation. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has transformed from the top cop of the United States into an ongoing coverup operation for their political overlords. The latest debacle, which barely received any media attention, involved the cover up surrounding the mysterious death of DNC tech guru Seth Rich after hundreds of emails from Hillary Clinton and John Podesta set off a firestorm of controversy.