Fugitive Armed With Crossbow Flees Australia Via Jet Ski

Suspect traveled through shark-infested waters

Image Credits: AFP Facebook.

A fugitive armed with a crossbow was detained by the Australian Border Force (ABF) after trying to flee the continent by a jet ski.

Wanted in Western Australia on drug charges, UK citizen David James Jackson, 57, traveled almost 100 miles through the shark-infested Torres Strait before his capture near Papa New Guinea, his supposed destination.

“If I’m not back by Wednesday, I’m not dead,” read a handwritten note left by Jackson in a Subaru Outback. “But I’m not coming back.”

The operation began Monday after ABF received a tip that a man carrying a crossbow and extra fuel was seen jet skiing from Cape York, sparking a massive joint operation.

“This is a perfect example of local intelligence sharing, community support, ABOC (Australian Border Operations Center) coordination and our maritime capability, all working together to enable a quick and effective multi-agency response to a situation,” said the region’s ABF Commander. “Through our posture in the Torres Strait and working closely with our AFP and QPS (Queensland Police Service) partners, we have the ability to detect a range of border threats, including suspicious movements through the region.”

“Anyone who thinks they can either enter or leave Australia through the region without detection should think again.”

The multi-agency response was further touted as a warning to future interlopers, an AFP spokesperson added.

“This arrest sends a strong message to would-be fugitives – our reach across Australia is second to none and we will use all our contacts and relationships to find you and bring you before a court.”

Despite the seriousness of the affair, AFP’s Facebook account used the capture to reference a catchphrase from DJ Khaled, a popular music artist.

“We’ve learned from DJ Khaled over the years – repetitive catch phrases sell music and jet skis are NOT your friend,” reads AFP’s Facebook. “In the words of DJ Khaled- ‘The key is to make it.’ #BlessUp”

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