Furious Parents Read Vulgar Material Assigned By Public School – “She Sucked My D*ck!”

"I grab her by the neck and start punching her," one book reads.

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Parents in Loudoun County, Virginia called out their school district for assigning violent, vulgar, and sexually graphic material to 9th-grade students.

“I see her coming out of some car in some tight ass shorts, talking fast, telling me she’s about to leave me. I grab her by the neck and start punching her. She wanted to be all big and bad trying to face me like a grown ass woman. She going to get beat like a grown woman,” one mother read from an excerpt of “Monday’s Not Coming” by Tiffany Jackson.

Another mom read from a book titled “#MurderTrending” by Gretchen McNeil, saying, “Jasper wasn’t even my boyfriend, just this dude I did some hacking with every once in a while. He was pretty basic, library systems, low-security shit… Not in my league at all, but he had a big d*ck and sometimes a girl just needs a big d*ck.”

Another section of the book “Monday’s Not Coming” was cited by a mother who quoted, “I tiptoed through the door, peering through the window at the boy, his pants around his ankles, squeezed between April’s straddled legs as she lay on top of the teacher’s desk. I gripped his arms and flipped him around, pushing him against the wall. His eyes widened, mouth dropping, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ he chuckled nervously. I took a deep breath before dropping on my shakey knees, the ground cold.”

Yet another concerned parent read vulgar material from an assigned book where characters say, “She sucked my d*ck” and “You ate her c**chie.”

A father spoke to the school district, noting they didn’t follow their own procurement policies when they spent $1.8 million on these “trash books.”

“This is the definition of a hostile work environment. My kids don’t go to your crap schools,” he noted. “But theirs do and they are filing these harassment suits on their behalf.”

Earlier this week, another Loudon County mother went viral for criticizing the district’s decision to push critical race theory on its students.

“CRT is racist,” the black mother declared. “It is abusive. It discriminates against one’s color. Let me educate you. An honest dialogue does not oppress. An honest dialogue does not implement hatred and injustice. It’s to communicate without deceiving people.”

Loudon County parents  Elizabeth Perrin and Joe Mobley joined “Fox & Friends First” on Thursday to vent their disgust with the district.

“They have books that are supposed to be teaching equity but what they are really teaching, you know, it is a language that we can’t say here but very sexually explicit stuff, stuff that if any children in the classrooms which is very likely have experienced sexual trauma it would put them back into that place and really stuff the kids shouldn’t be readings that came in under the auspices of COVID and not following the procurement procedures,” Mobley said.

Americans around the country need to stand up like these brave parents chose to do if we want to save our nation.

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