Gaffe? Gillibrand on CBS: Abortion Is A ‘Life & Death’ Decision

2020 Dem candidate states the obvious

Image Credits: John Lamparski/Getty Images.

It was a stunning admission for a hardcore abortion backer to make. Kirsten Gillibrand has described abortion as a “life and death” decision that women should have the right to make.

Gillibrand, the junior senator from New York, and a presidential candidate who is barely registering in the polls, made her astonishing recognition of what abortion is really about on today’s Face the Nation.

Gillibrand thus implicitly acknowledges that there is a human “life” at stake in abortion. Yet she wants to give women the virtually unfettered power to choose “death.”

Gillibrand spoke her “life and death” line in the context of commenting on laws in Alabama and other states that would restrict abortion rights.

Let’s hope, without holding our breaths, that the next person to interview Gillibrand questions her “life and death” depiction of abortion. Did she really mean to acknowledge that abortion results in the death of a human life? If so, how can she reject virtually any restriction on a woman’s power to choose death?

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There is a rapid polarization of abortion laws with some states removing any and all restrictions while Alabama just made abortion illegal under any circumstances. What kind of restrictions are currently in place and why did Alabama not allow abortion in cases of rape or incest?