Gaslighting Is All The Biden Regime Has Left

How long can they keep the masses ignorant?

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The system is breaking down under Joe Biden’s corruption.

Across the United States, Soros puppets and power whores are opting to violate their Constitutional oaths by suspending the Bill of Rights in favor of feverishly clawing for the power and funds stirred up by emergency declarations rather than finding real solutions for their districts.

New Mexico Sheriff John Allen is refusing to suspend the 2nd Amendment after Governor Grisham issued an emergency public health order while Gun Owners of America (GOA) secured a temporary restraining order against Grisham’s ban on concealed carry.

In Oakland, California, Mayor Sheng Thao is threatening to use a declaration to install a new Police Chief. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has declared an emergency over inflation. And in Vista, California, Mayor Joe Franklin is considering declaring an emergency over the homeless situation.

As the Soros shadow Administration wanes in power in local and State Government. Hunter Biden is indicted on gun charges and the Covid rollout fights to roll down the tracks. Joe Biden and his unscrupulous failing regime gaslight the Country into a propagandized hellscape out of sheer panic.

Now that Deep State tool Joe Biden has been thrown to the wolves. The Country will enter a state of suspension where foreign powers can thrive. And once its all said and done. Joe Biden will go down as the greatest National Security threat the United States has ever endured.

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