‘Gays Against Groomers’ Member Destroys California School Board for Sexualizing Children Under 10yo

Irate member of LGBT group criticizes school board over decision to teach children under 10 about transgenderism.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

A member of the Gays Against Groomers coalition spoke out at a recent California school board meeting, blasting the school system’s gender indoctrination and sexualization of children.

Wearing a shirt reading, “Groom dogs not kids,” the man known as @Mario_Presents lectured the Conejo Valley school board Tuesday on its decision to teach children under the age of 10 about transgenderism instead of science or math.

“It has come to our attention the district intends to teach transgenderism to children under the age of 10 without parental consent,” the man stated, noting his nephew and niece are students in the district.

“If I were to teach your child about my sexuality without your consent or involvement I’d be arrested, but when the school district does it, it’s education.”

The man went on to call out how the indoctrination leads some students to seek out life-changing gender re-assignment surgeries, after which the school does not help with medical expenses or emotional relief.

“The gross indoctrination we’re seeing is creating a lifetime of medication and hormones because you can’t simply pause puberty,” he said, adding, “Men cannot become women and sex chromosomes are encoded into the fabric of our DNA.”

“Simply affirming a teenager’s gender is akin to affirming anorexia, both are body dysmorphic disorders,” he stated.

He went on to highlight the disparity between how an adult woman must have numerous doctors visits in order to undergo a hysterectomy, while a teenager can simply visit a clinic to have top and bottom surgery.

“Parents must be a part of the education process when teaching sexuality to students and it definitely doesn’t need to happen under the age of 10 years old,” he concluded, as an audience in attendance broke out in cheers and applause.

With Gays Against Groomers powerfully speaking out against LGBTQ+ indoctrination, it’s no wonder Big Tech recently banned them from using PayPal and Venmo.