George Takei: Trump Supporters Don’t Realize They’re Destroying the Republic

Former Star Trek actor still exhibiting symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome

Image Credits: Jerod Harris/Getty Images for AMC.

Limousine liberal George Takei took aim at Trump supporters in a recent tweet, claiming they don’t realize they are destroying the country.

“The thing about Trump voters is that they do not even realize they are enabling the desolation of our Republic,” George Takei wrote on Twitter Sunday.

“They somehow think they are preserving America, but in fact they are helping destroy it. And that is a tragedy of enormous scope.”

The tweet was liked by over 39 thousand Trump haters.

The gay, rabid anti-Trump actor, who appeared in early versions of the sci-fi television series Star Trek, has been an icon of the left for slinging mud at at Trump ever since he took office.

It begins with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) and then quickly develops into Rabid Radical Liberalism (RRL). Those who become infected spread the disease and turn into blood thirsty zombies wreaking havoc and chaos throughout liberal infested cities across America. Don’t let it happen to you. RABID!

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