German Official Claims Angela Merkel’s Second Bout of Trembling Was “Psychologically Driven”

"There is nothing to worry about"

German officials are claiming that Angela Merkel’s second bout of trembling was “psychologically driven” and that she has no health concerns.

Questions about the German Chancellor’s health first arose when she was caught on camera visibly shaking during a red-carpet ceremony for Ukrainian President Zelenskiy last week.

The episode was blamed on dehydration and the fact that Berlin was experiencing a heatwave.

However, at an early morning indoor event yesterday, Merkel again began trembling. She was offered a glass of water but refused.

In advance of her flight to Japan to attend the G20 summit, a spokesman tried to address concerns by telling the media “the chancellor is well”.

Now a second official asserts that the second episode of trembling was caused by Merkel remembering the first incident.

“The memory of the incident last week led to the situation today – so (it was) a psychologically driven process,” the official told Reuters, adding, “There is nothing to worry about.”


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