German Police Detain Man Who Drove Car With Anti-Globalist Message Into Gate of Merkel’s Chancellery

Image Credits: Abdulhamid Hosbas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images.

The incident comes as the German chancellor was holding a virtual meeting with German state premiers to discuss steps to deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The police have detained a 54-year-old man who crashed into the gate of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office in Berlin, the city’s law enforcement forces said Wednesday. The incident is currently under investigation to establish whether the man’s actions were intentional, the police stated. According to dpa news, one person was injured in the incident.

A Berlin police spokeswoman has said that the incident is not being treated as an attack.

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Photos and videos depicting the situation outside the Chancellery have emerged on Twitter in which a black vehicle with the inscription “You d*mn killers of children and old people” is seen at the gate of Merkel’s office. There is no apparent damage to either the gate or the car.

According to photos by social media users, the other side of the car is inscribed with the phrase “Stop Globalisation Politics”.

The incident comes as Angela Merkel was holding a meeting via a videolink with the heads of German states on the coronavirus situation in the country.

The measures introduced by the government have been met with opposition by some Berliners who today flocked in front of the Bundestag to condemn the said regulations.

Protests have been ongoing in Berlin as citizens see the government’s measures to stave off the spread of the coronavirus as a violation of their rights.

Some of the public actions turned violent, forcing the police to detain protesters and disperse the crowds with a water cannon.