German TV Presenter Pushes For Mandatory Vaccination – Then Collapses Live On-Air

Reporter begins mumbling unintelligibly and stares blankly, before appearing to fall over.

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A German TV interviewer fainted during a newscast just seconds after she pushed for mandatory vaccinations.

The incident happened Tuesday during a live on-air N-TV news broadcast while reporter Clara Pfeffer was interviewing politician Sepp Müller.

In a clip circulating on social media, Pfeffer asks Müller if the country should really wait to implement a mandatory vaccine scheme, shortly before she appears to lose consciousness.

“So you are saying we should only activate mandatory vaccination as soon as it will be vital?” Pfeffer asked, adding, “Won’t it be much too late then?”

Pfeffer then begins mumbling unintelligibly and stares off into the distance, unable to complete her next sentence, before appearing to fall over.

N-TV reports “the live broadcast had to be canceled prematurely.”

In a follow-up, N-TV editor-in-chief Sonja Schwetje confirmed Pfeffer had suffered a “fainting spell,” and said she’s doing better after receiving medical care.

Pfeffer attributed the bizarre loss of consciousness to skipping breakfast, saying, “I’m supposed to recover first and I’ll have everything medically checked again. And above all, next time I’ll have at least a little breakfast.”

The German TV presenter’s black out is similar to other fainting spells witnessed in recent weeks, with many suspecting the experimental Covid-19 mRNA jabs could be to blame.

A similar scenario played out last week during an Olympics broadcast by German-language news channel ZDF, where a cameraman was observed suffering a dizzy spell while filming a live report.

Cameras were also rolling earlier this year when Brazilian TV Alterosa journalist Rafael Silva, 36, fainted live on-air while presenting the news. The incident happened just three days after Silva celebrated receiving a third Covid vaccine dose.

Last week, video also surfaced showing comedian Heather McDonald collapsing on-stage just moments after joking about getting vaccinated and boosted.

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