German Women’s Magazine Teaches Girls To Treat Stab Wounds

"Health and Fitness" section highlights growing knife crime problem

Image Credits: YouTube | Screenshot.

With knife crime quickly becoming one of Germany’s biggest issues, women’s magazine Illu der Frau published an article teaching females how to properly treat stab wounds.

The article, titled “How do I treat a stab wound?” provides basic advice for stab victims such as “Importantly, before you provide first aid, make sure the perpetrators have disappeared, your own safety is a priority.”

In a Twitter post, author and reporter Pamela Geller wrote, “Germany: Women’s Magazine Gives Tips on Treating Stab Wounds: ‘Heath and Fitness’ in the age of jihad. #SICK.”

Knife crime in Germany has risen 1,200% in the last ten years and it has jumped 600% since the country brought in over 2 million largely Muslim migrants.

Last month, five different cities across Germany had stabbing attacks on the same day.

The UK has also seen a sharp increase in knife crime since they were flooded by Muslim migrants, and now Britain is spending over $100 million to combat the growing threat.

As stabbings continue to increase in Germany, reports indicate more citizens are purchasing firearms to defend themselves from attacks.