GERMANY: One In Three Migrants Arrive By Plane

AfD parliamentarian reveals 'outrageous scandal'

Image Credits: Sean Gallup / Getty.

Nearly one-third of adult migrants arriving in Germany are traveling there by airplane, according to discoveries made by a member of parliament.

Leif-Erik Holm is an economist serving in the Bundestag as a representative of the Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) party, and upon receiving data from the federal government, he revealed findings that would indicate a possible “outrageous scandal” if they are accurate.

After dodging similar requests from media outlets, officials were forced to produce some information in response to MP Holm’s inquiry.

In a reportedly “strikingly evasive” reply, a state secretary eventually informed Holm that “slightly less than a third of the respondents questioned according to their information arrived by plane to Germany.”

The Federal Government must clear up completely, whether the data of the asylum applicants apply and from where exactly they enter Germany, and they have to turn this off if necessary,” Holm told Junge Freiheit. “If in fact every third asylum seeker arrives by plane to Germany, that would be an outrageous scandal. I wonder how that’s possible with the rules in force.”

Holm leveled heavy accusations at the German government, asserting that officials actively “cover up, obfuscate and veil the consequences of its catastrophic asylum policy.” 

According to European Union laws established in the Dublin Regulation, asylum seekers must apply for protections in the first member state in which they arrive, and await a decision.

Because Germany shares no external borders with any of the countries from which over one million migrants have arrived in recent years, Germans have been forced to speculate about how these ‘refugees’ have managed to reach their borders and subsequently stay in the country.

It had been generally accepted that most or all migrants arrive by land, having traveled first through countries like Turkey, Greece, Italy, and the Balkans.

However, in 2016, unconfirmed reports began circulating that migrants were being covertly flown into Germany under cover of darkness.

“Speculation has been rife that the country is ushering in thousands of migrants via Cologne Bonn Airport, fuelled by the fact every night numerous planes from Turkey are landing,” reported Express at the time.

Additional research by Junge Freiheit indicates that planes may be ferrying migrants from Italy and Greece, as well – raising further questions regarding paperwork, finances, and potential violations of the Dublin Regulations.

Now, no civilian direct flights from the major crisis areas and main countries of origin like Syria or Afghanistan to Germany are possible. So the question arises from where the asylum seekers started. According to information from the JF, a majority of them used aircraft from Greece, Italy and Turkey. The authorities there do not seem to have prevented them from continuing to Germany. It is also interesting that they had enough money and the necessary papers to buy a plane ticket.”

Infowars recently reported that the UN has been transporting ‘refugees’ from Africa to Italy by airplane – also at night – which they have begun proudly announcing on social media and in official statements.

It has become fairly common knowledge that non-governmental organizations and international agencies such as the UNHCR have been working in concert with human traffickers to aid thousands of migrants in their journeys across the Mediterranean Sea, effectively acting as a ferry service for illegal immigrants in many cases. However, revelations that European governments may be involved in flying them around the continent would likely come as a shock to many.

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