Gibraltar Cancels Christmas Despite 100% of Population Fully Vaccinated

Gov't of Gibraltar canceling Christmas festivities and urges residents to do the same.

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The government of Gibraltar is canceling Christmas festivities this year citing high Covid infection numbers – despite the country’s 100 percent vaccination rate.

In a recent statement urging residents to follow their example, a government spokesperson wrote, “Given the exponential rise in the number of cases, the Government, for example, intends to cancel a number of its own functions including official Christmas parties, official receptions and similar gatherings.”

According to figures, every eligible Gibraltar resident has received two vaccine doses, with some receiving three.

Despite this, “The country saw 124 new cases appear over the weekend, taking the number of active cases to 474,” reports

At the same time, Gibraltar’s director of public health has urged residents to receive booster jabs, in spite of evidence the vaccines don’t appear to be working.

In a TV interview with GBC News, the region’s health director, Dr. Helen Carter, was pressed as to why Gibraltar residents should take yet another jab if the first two didn’t work.

“So what would you say to people who now might be questioning the point of the vaccine, taking up that offer, if we are seeing such a rising cases?” a reporter asked Carter.

The health director responded the boosters are necessary because of the vaccines’ waning effectiveness.

Carter also claimed recent outbreaks in Gibraltar are “localized small outbreaks… happening between households and across the community,” and went on to scold people for ignoring social distancing and people whose masks slip down on public transport.

The health director next ludicrously claimed adverse side effects mean the vaccine is actually working.

“Well, with that booster program, there are reports of some people reacting negatively to the vaccine. Why would you still recommend it?” the GBC reporter next asked.

“So in the main, although the side effects can be unpleasant… that’s a sign actually that your immune system is really responding well to the vaccine,” the director answered.

“So although it’s unpleasant there are simple over-the-counter remedies… that you can take because what we know is that the vaccine is preventing against the severest form of disease.”

Gibraltar has been a focus of vaccine researchers as statistics over the summer showed the region experienced a massive Covid outbreak, while 99% of the population was already fully vaccinated.

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