Girl, 6, Who Suffered Multiple Seizures Following Booster Jab, Dies Suddenly

Anastasia M. Weaver 'passed away unexpectedly' last week after suffering multiple seizures over the past year.

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A six-year-old from Ohio who received at least two Covid-19 vaccine doses died suddenly last week after suffering multiple seizures over the past year.

An obituary for Anastasia Marie Weaver states “she passed away unexpectedly at the age of 6, on Wednesday, January 25, 2023.”

As with many of these tragic sudden deaths, the mother of Anastasia documented a timeline of her twin daughters’ initial Covid vaccine shots and subsequent booster jabs on Facebook.

“After an hour and a half of screaming both girls have their first dose of the vaccine. Anna got it without any problems. Caitlin screamed and cried for an hour and a half. Then didn’t [shed] a tear when the pharmacist was able to do the shot,” Anastasia’s mother, a nurse at the Akron Children’s Hospital of Boardman, wrote in an FB update on Nov. 11, 2021.

The girls’ mother also posted an update when her daughters received their booster jabs, noting she herself suffered adverse side effects after the injection.

“Covid booster side effects were worse than the second shot for me,” she admitted. “Bad headache, 101 temp, bad body aches. They were really bad for about 6-8 hours. I’m mostly better now but still have a slight temp and headache.”

“Even with the side effects the vaccine is worth it,” she claimed, adding, “On a good note. My girls had no side effects from the second shot besides a sore arm.”

On June 29, 2022, Anastasia’s mother posted a terrible update notifying friends and family her daughter was in the emergency room after suffering a seizure.

“Currently at the er with Anna. She had a seizure. She’s doing good. They are running labs at the moment,” the mother wrote.

About two weeks later, Anastasia’s mother said she discovered her daughter had been suffering “tiny seizures.”

“Found out this morning that Anna is still having tiny seizures that last less than 5 seconds even with upping her medicine. Waiting on her current levels to come back then we will see if we up meds again or add in another one. Not the news we wanted but she is still doing great,” the distraught mom wrote.

The following September, Anastasia’s mom noted being stricken with a particularly bad weeks-long case of Covid, noting the girls had also just recovered from an illness.

An additional post on Jan. 2 earlier this year mentioned Anna had been “in the hospital for 5 days,” however did not detail why.

Just weeks later, on Jan. 25, the mother posted her husband had found Anastasia in her bed not breathing.

“This is the hardest post I’ve ever had to make. This morning at 6am Anastasia passed away. Andrew came home and checked on her and she wasn’t breathing. I did [CPR] until the ambulance came then we went to [Akron Children’s Hospital]. She was pronounced 15 min after getting there. We aren’t sure what happened. We are in shock and devastated.”

Friends created a GoFundMe fundraiser for Anastasia’s family to raise money for her funeral expenses and other costs. A MealTrain has also been organized to provide the family with meals as they navigate the grieving process.

A report from claims the hospital where Anastasia’s mother worked, the Children’s Hospital Medical Center of Akron, had imposed a vaccine mandate policy for its workers.

Akron Children’s Hospital instituted a vaccine mandate for all employees in September 2021. The deadline to receive the injections was January 11, 2022. The hospital fired 66 workers on February 3, 2022 for noncompliance with the mandate. A federal class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of said workers in the U.S. District Court of Northern Ohio on March 3, 2022. notes Anastasia’s mother had to scrub her Facebook “after relentless attacks, finger-pointing.”

While many are quick to blame the mother, it’s important to remember government officials and people in authority were constantly telling the public the vaccines were safe and effective.

The girl’s mother put trust in the reassurances of her government and the medical establishment and ultimately decided to give her daughters the jab because she was under the impression it was the right thing to do to protect them.

Hopefully, the family investigates whether the jab could have been the cause of their daughter’s untimely death. If it turns out the jab was to blame, they may be able to receive financial assistance from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

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