Glenn Greenwald Called “Transphobic” For Commenting on Results of Gallup LGBT Survey

Asked why so many Gen Z identify as "bisexual" while being in long term relationships with opposite sex.

Image Credits: Artem Vorobiev via Getty Images.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald was called “transphobic” for pointing out that although a new Gallup survey shows a surge in the number of Americans identifying as LGBT, almost all of the increase comes from those identifying as trans or bi, not gay or lesbian.

The poll found that one in six people under the age of 23 now say they are something other than heterosexual.

5.6 percent of Americans now identify as LGBTQ, up from 4.5 percent in 2017.

Amongst Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2002, 11.5 percent say they are bisexual, while 1.8 percent claim to be transgender. Only 1.8 percent of Gen X say they are bisexual while 0.2 percent identify as transgender.

Greenwald pointed out on Twitter that “almost all of the increase comes from those identifying as bi or trans, not gay or lesbian.”

He went on to highlight how, “Of Americans now claiming “bi” identity, the vast majority of them in long-term relationships are in opposite-sex relationships (33%) rather than same-sex ones (3.7%). So 10 times more people who identify as “bi” live in hetero-appearing relationships than gay/lesbian ones.”

The writer said one explanation for this was that “masculine girls are now encouraged to identify as trans, causing a decrease in the lesbian population.”

He then cited an article which explored “whether the disappearance of lesbian culture is due to the encouragement which masculine girls receive — from the society, therapists, health care workers, etc. — to identify as trans, not as lesbian women.”

For pointing out this glaringly obvious fact, Greenwald, who is himself gay, was immediately labeled “transphobic” by numerous far-left Twitter users.

The results of the Gallup survey clearly indicate that much of the rise in those identifying as LGBT can be put down to the media/entertainment industry’s relentless obsession with identity politics.

Clearly, the fact that so many more Gen Z individuals compared to Gen X identify as bisexual and transgender is because they think it’s culturally cool and makes them unique, not necessarily because they actually are either of those things.



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