Global Alert! Confirmed: Deep State Launching False Flag Against MSM/Dems to Blame Trump & Pro-America Forces

Alex Jones and other experts have been sounding the alarm that the elite planned to initiate a false flag to blame on conservatives before midterms

Suspicious packages sent to top Democrats and leftist media are a setup to blame on pro-Trump Americans ahead of the crucial 2018 midterms.

Below are videos of Alex Jones and other Infowars reporters predicting false flags to be blamed on conservatives:

Obama Activates His Domestic Army To Carry Out Violent Attacks Ahead Of Election

Emergency Report: Trump Must Take Action Now To Stop False Flags

Media False Flag Imminent

Democrats Attempt To Blame Their Violence On Republicans

When – Not If – Will The Radical Leftists Start Murdering People?

Hillary Clinton Calls For The End Of Civilization & Violence Against Republicans