Global Cooling: Polar Vortex to Strike New England With ‘Ice Age’ Weather

Once again reality at odds with WEF narrative, exposing the true agenda behind globalism

Image Credits: DenisTangneyJr / Getty.

As the Davos group pushes globalism as a response to “global warming,” a polar vortex will blast New England with record-setting cold this weekend.

The northeastern United States will be so cold that frostbite could occur in only a few minutes, with temperatures expected to reach as low as 10 degrees below zero.

“Boston is in the running to set a top-five low-temperature mark Saturday morning when the core of the Arctic air will settle over New England,” reports AccuWeather. “Should the temperature bottom out near 10 below zero as data suggests, it will be the fourth coldest morning on record since 1936.”

The region is also at risk of a “snow squall” in which a narrow, yet intense, band of snow drops visibility to almost zero.

“In the past, similar snow squall activity has contributed to serious injuries and even fatalities due to multiple-vehicle pileups on area highways,” Accuweather reported.

In the 1990s, prominent politicians such as Al Gore were warning about “global warming” and were even predicting of mass flooding due to the ice caps melting.

But, with a pattern of polar vortexes producing chilly winters over the past decade, the narrative shifted from “global warming” to “climate change” with an emphasis on expanding the influence of non-governmental groups such as the World Economic Forum as the “solution” to the problem.

“Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, with rising temperatures and ecosystem degradation threatening life on Earth as we know it,” the WEF declares. “We need a global, collaborative and inclusive approach to action on climate and nature in order to help restore our planet and protect our future.”

This solution, however, would empower unelected, international bureaucracies at the expense of nation-states and the public at large, leading to the death of self-determination and the rise of neo-feudalism.

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