Global Medical Bombshell: Scientists Prove COVID Vaccine Causes Blood Clots Live On Air

Dr. Jane Ruby and mortician Richard Hirschman join the show to break down the implications these dangerous blood clots have in relation to the COVID injection that have been forced upon the world.

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Mike Adams brings his microscope to the studio and examines strange rubberband-like tissue removed from cadavers that appear to be engineered to grow inside the body.

Also, a doctor who wishes to remain anonymous describes the composition and characteristics of these newly discovered tissue clots that appear in victims of SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome).

After that, Mike Adams is joined by Richard Hirschman, a mortician who has found an innumerable amount of clots in the blood of cadavers AFTER the COVID vaccine was distributed and administered to the public.

Dr. Jane Ruby also joins to the show to discuss how these clots are formed by self-assembling nanoparticles administered in the COVID vaccines.