Image for Gates Foundation Pledges $200 Million for Global Digital IDs

Gates Foundation Pledges $200 Million for Global Digital IDs

"Digital identity will serve as a means of coercion and enforced compliance with the outrageous demands of a vaccine regime that will have no end," warns tech author.

1 day ago By Jamie White | INFOWARS.COM

Image for The Trial That Will Destroy Your Free Speech

The Trial That Will Destroy Your Free Speech

Sandy Hook show trial ruling against Alex Jones and Infowars would create a statute that will be used to destroy anyone asking questions which threaten the Great Reset-driven narrative.

2 days ago By Jon Bowne |

French Politician Claims COVID Vaccine Nearly Killed Him And That Macron Lied About Taking Vaccine

“I got the Johnson vaccine that almost killed me, that warped my heart. I have had four surgeries since January 3rd of this year," MP Jean Lassalle says.

2 days ago By Jamie White | INFOWARS.COM

END OF THE WORLD ALERT! Zelensky Calls for First Strike on Russia

Ukrainian President warned of “preemptive strikes” should Russia use nuclear weapons, then walked his comments back a day later after massive backlash.

5 days ago By

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Oct 05, 2022

VIDEO: UN Official Admits They Control Google Search Results To Push Climate Change Propaganda

Alex Jones and attorney Robert Barnes break down the globalist confession and what it means for freedom of speech in the 21st century.

Oct 02, 2022

Biden’s UN Border Hell Destroys America

Globalist directive to open America's borders to the unwashed masses accelerating the nation's decline to a point beyond recovery.

Oct 02, 2022

‘We Own the Science’: WEF Member Brags About Partnership With Google to Censor Critics

United Nations also "trained" doctors and scientists and "deployed" social media influencers to combat narratives deemed undesirable by the elite, she says.

Oct 02, 2022

MSM & Big Tech Now Collude To Censor God & Family Values

The media demonstrates every day that it is the enemy of the people.

Oct 01, 2022

The Ultimate David Icke Interview Must See! Humanity Will Win!

Sweeping 2-plus hour interview between the titans of conspiracy lay out humanity's path to victory as the New World Order system comes crashing down -- share this powerful exchange!

Oct 01, 2022

Nord Stream Pipeline Rupture Largest Single Release of Methane Recorded, Says UN

"This is not helpful in a moment when we absolutely need to reduce emissions," says UN Environmental Program chief.

Oct 01, 2022

Emergency Report: Global Food Supply Has Collapsed, Experts Warn Civilization Threatened

Nord Stream 2 pipeline sabotage will only worsen global food crisis, says expert.

Sep 27, 2022

Biden Regime Warned of Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Sabotage Months Before Gas Leaks

The CIA, State Department and even Joe Biden himself all suggested pipeline would be targeted once Russia invaded Ukraine.

Sep 26, 2022

Video: This Epic Speech By Italy’s New Prime Minister Shows Why The Globalists Fear Her So Much

"We will defend God, country and family. Those things that disgust people so much. We will do it to defend our freedom because we will never be slaves and simple consumers at the mercy of financial speculators," says Giorgia Meloni.

Sep 25, 2022

US Psy-Ops Exposed: Washington Isn’t Concerned About Morals, It’s Worried About Getting Caught

Pentagon orders urgent review of after its global scheme is compromised.

Sep 24, 2022

Alex Jones: Nationalists Must Defend The Family From Global Corporate Fascists’ Culture of Destruction

A key tenet of the New World Order's enslavement plan is to decimate the nuclear family so they can more easily impose the Great Reset global communist paradigm.

Sep 21, 2022

Watch: Biden Responds To Putin’s Nuclear War Warning In UN Speech

"We will stand in solidarity against Russia’s aggression. Period," says puppet president.

Sep 20, 2022

Bill Clinton, BlackRock CEO Plot To Force ESG Great Reset Agenda on World During Clinton Foundation Summit

The two top Democrats and Unilever CEO also scheme about how to make Environmental Social Governance models mandatory for businesses and how to deal with "anti-woke backlash."

Sep 19, 2022

NEW WORLD ORDER UNITES: Clinton Global Initiative, UN General Assembly, WEF ‘Climate Crisis’ Summit Kick Off Simultaneously in NYC

Trifecta of globalist technocrat meetings take place in New York to coordinate destructive Great Reset and Build Back Better agendas.

Sep 18, 2022

Leaked Documents Expose Ukrainian Attempts to Destabilize Russia, Draw NATO into Full-Scale War with Moscow

Plans concocted by the special services reveal Kiev’s aggressive strategy over many years.

Sep 17, 2022

Lara Logan: Biden’s Invasion of Southern Border Part of Plan For Global Government

High-level UN source claims globalists plan to bring in 100 million illegal migrants into the U.S. to dissolve the country into a North American Union-type government, she says.

Sep 07, 2022

Psychedelic Drugs Being Used To Destroy Christianity And Bring Us Back To Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism, And Paganism

Jan Irvin breaks down how hallucinogenic substances have been used by the elites to control the masses and normalize demonic ceremonies.

Sep 07, 2022

Clueless German Finance Minister Claims Businesses Will Have To Stop Producing But Won’t Go Bankrupt This Winter

TV host shuts down government official in response: "If I stop selling, then I don't earn any money."

Sep 07, 2022

Shock Video: Dutch Gov’t Goons Employ ‘Snatch & Grab’ Tactics Against Farmers Protesting Great Reset

Governments taking the gloves off as mass awakening against World Economic Forum's food system 'reset' continues.

Sep 04, 2022

World Economic Forum Official Lashes Out: Critics ‘Shouldn’t Really Be Talking About’ Globalist Organization

The WEF is losing the information war as more people wake up to its destructive Great Reset agenda.

Sep 03, 2022

Den of Corruption: Biden Hires John Podesta to Oversee $370B in ‘Green Energy Spending’

If you oppose this den of corruption then you're a MAGA terrorist.

Aug 28, 2022

Bannon on Collapse of Civilization: Great Reset ‘So Destructive You’re Not Going To Be Able to Turn This Around’

“There are decisions being made by people in power that are not just simply destructive, they’re so destructive you’re not going to be able to turn this around," he warns.

Aug 28, 2022

Sanctions War Against Russia Isn’t Going As Planned, Globalist Mag Admits

The expected knockout blow from anti-Russia restrictions “has not materialized,” reports The Economist.

Aug 24, 2022

Trucker Rebellion: The Story of the Coutts Blockade

New documentary by Rebel News covers the Freedom Convoy standoff against the Canadian government at an Alberta border crossing.

Aug 24, 2022

Ministry of Climate Change: Trudeau Installing Weapons Armories, Interrogation Rooms For Climate Police Force

Canadian government setting the stage for imposing World Economic Forum's climate compliance agenda with massive infrastructure and legion of Climate "Pollution" officers.

Aug 07, 2022

The Unstoppable Force of Truth in the Information War

The latest attacks against InfoWars are only exposing their intention to silence all of alternative media.

Aug 02, 2022

Globalist Left Pushes World to the Brink of War as the Great Reset Starves Out the Population

Pelosi's trip to Taiwan a provocative move meant to compel China to militarily respond.

Jul 31, 2022

ENDGAME 1.5 — Advanced Blueprint For Global Enslavement

Welcome to the advanced PhD course in understanding the long-term goals of the global elite -- class is now in session!

Jul 30, 2022

The Great Reset Docuseries: The Technological Reset

Episode 2 of Rebel News' exposé explores the technology behind the World Economic Forum's planned "Fourth Industrial Revolution."

Jul 30, 2022

UN, World Economic Forum Behind Global ‘War On Farmers’: Experts

If left unchecked, the U.N.-backed sustainability policies on agriculture and food production would lead to economic devastation, shortages of critical goods, widespread famine, and a dramatic loss of individual freedoms, multiple experts said.

Jul 25, 2022

Soros Employee Boasts of Gay Sex Bender At Pride Event — Then Blames Government For Catching Monkeypox

Open Society Foundation public health expert bragged about having sex with multiple men at a pride event but claimed it was government's fault he got monkeypox and gonorrhea.

Jul 24, 2022

WHO Says People Who Got Monkeypox Vaccine Part of ‘Clinical Trial’ To Collect Data

Global health body confesses pharmaceutical industry now experimenting on population like it did during its rollout of the COVID mRNA injections.

Jul 24, 2022

Noam Chomsky: US Now Under a Totalitarian Culture Much Worse Than Soviet Union

"Americans are not permitted to hear what Russians are saying. Can't get Russian television, can't access Russian sources," he says.

Jul 23, 2022

Trudeau Moves Ahead on WEF’s Nitrogen Reduction Plan That Sparked Dutch Farmer Uprising

The World Economic Forum's controlled demolition of the West known as the Great Reset now coming to fruition in Canada.

Jul 23, 2022