Image for NFL to Play ‘Black National Anthem’ Before Games – Report

NFL to Play ‘Black National Anthem’ Before Games – Report

League also mulling adding names of 'victims of police brutality' onto uniforms

1 hour ago By Dan Lyman |

Image for Gold Trade Woes Spill Over Into Other Precious Metals Markets

Gold Trade Woes Spill Over Into Other Precious Metals Markets

Spread between silver futures and spot prices has widened dramatically

5 hours ago By Sputnik

Illegal Aliens Can Now Pay Cheaper Tuition Than American Citizens in Virginia

Illegals now qualify for in-state tuition

7 hours ago By McKenna Dallmeyer | Campus Reform

British Court Refuses To Release Venezuelan Gold To Maduro

Maduro's government denied access to $1 billion of Venezuelan gold

1 day ago By Zero Hedge

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Jul 01, 2020

Hong Kong: Boris Johnson Promises BNO Passport Holders a Route to Citizenship

PM slams China's National Security Law as a clear violation of the Joint Declaration on Hong Kong

Jun 30, 2020

China’s New ‘Security Law’ for Hong Kong Raises Concerns

Beijing takes major step to crush Hong Kong autonomy

Jun 29, 2020

Minneapolis City Council Members Using Private Security After Voting to Abolish Police

Security for lawmakers costing $4,500 per day as city descends into anarchy

Jun 26, 2020

China Warns US That “Crossing Red Lines” Puts Trade Deal At Risk

Chinese leaders accuse Washington of meddling in Hong Kong, more

Jun 26, 2020

Jun 25, 2020

Jun 24, 2020

Jun 23, 2020

Italy Approves New Guidelines For Central Bank Digital Currency

Governments & banking elites seizing more power from the people

Jun 22, 2020

Trump Extends Green Card, Visa Freeze Until End Of The Year

Measures will ban all new green card applications, including temporary H-1Bs

Jun 22, 2020

State Department Adds Four More Chinese Media Companies to “Foreign Missions” List

Companies will need to register with federal government, provide regular updates

Jun 20, 2020

Update: UN Deletes Tweet Defending Antifa Flag, Demanding U.S. Respect Terror Group’s ‘Right To Peaceful Assembly,’ and ‘Freedom Of Expression’

President Trump designated group as domestic terror organization because of its consistent political violence

Jun 19, 2020

Facebook Removes Christian Ministry Opposed to Drag Queen Story Hour

Group victim of targeted harassment campaigns called 'raids'

Jun 18, 2020

Watch: #BLM Co-Founder Says ‘We are Trained Marxists’

"We are super-versed on ideological theories"

Jun 18, 2020

Jun 17, 2020

LA Officials Working to Replace Police With Unarmed ‘Response Teams’

U.S. law enforcement could be toppled under globalist plan

Jun 17, 2020

Airports May See Pass-Fail COVID-19 Testing Policy as Travel Sector Reboots

Air travel even more tedious in post-coronavirus world

Jun 17, 2020

The Truth About Crime Statistics Revealed

The much lamented "double-standard" of accountability actually a "single-standard" of globalist control

Jun 16, 2020

Why the European Recovery Plan Will Likely Fail

The problem of the European Union has never been a lack of monetary and fiscal stimulus, but rather an excess of these. This has failed to produce real growth, and now we're getting more of the same, but even bigger.

Jun 16, 2020

Jun 15, 2020

COVID-19 Lockdowns are Neither Necessary, nor Scientific, nor Helpful

What proponents of lockdowns mean by “follow the science” is that statements made by scientists should be accepted as axioms. An obvious problem exists when scientists make conflicting statements

Jun 15, 2020

Australian Politician Says George Floyd Was a ‘Criminal & Dangerous Thug’

“It sickened me to see people holding up signs saying ‘black lives matter’ in memory of this American criminal"

Jun 15, 2020

United Nations Openly Hijacks US Police Departments

Watch & share this bombshell report!

Jun 15, 2020

Vast Majority of Illegal Border Crossings Now Single Adult Mexican Males

Just last year, families were majority of crossings

Jun 12, 2020

Turkey Slams Germany’s Decision to Keep Travel Warning

Foreign minister frustrated Turkey included among non-EU countries

Jun 12, 2020

Anonymous Berkeley Professor Shreds BLM Injustice Narrative With Damning Facts And Logic

"If we use the precise same methodology, we would have to conclude that the criminal justice system is even more anti-male than it is anti-black," he writes

Jun 11, 2020

The COVID Panic Canceled Many Graduation Speeches. Thank Goodness

The era of bloated higher ed budgets, when millions are spent every year for grand, pompous ceremonies despite the discontentment of students and the fiscal crisis of higher education.

Jun 11, 2020

Black Student Union Demands ‘Disciplinary’ Board to Punish Students For ‘Hate Speech’

Group also calls for reduced police on campus, abilty to block 'controversial speakers'

Jun 10, 2020

Bill Gates Vows to ‘Learn More About Systemic Racism’

Member of elite virtue signals to fend off woke mob

Jun 09, 2020

Economic Collapse Has Turned Many Europeans against the EU

Ironically, the economic collapse in Europe has united both the poor and rich members of the EU in agreement that the EU has none of their best interests at heart. The political winds have shifted and are blowing against the EU

Jun 09, 2020

IBM Wants to Keep Facial Recognition Technology Away From Police, Halt Development Altogether

Company warns against tech being used for mass surveillance, racial profiling, more

Jun 08, 2020

Cycle Company Suspends Sales of Bikes to Police

Fuji Bikes blasts ‘violent tactics’ of bike cops amid riots