Image for Brazil Prez, Trump Band Together to Bash “Fake News”

Brazil Prez, Trump Band Together to Bash “Fake News”

Kindred presidents slam globalist media

2 hours ago By Dan Lyman |

Image for Rep. Nunes Sues Twitter, Accuses Tech Giant of ‘Gaslighting’ Conservatives

Rep. Nunes Sues Twitter, Accuses Tech Giant of ‘Gaslighting’ Conservatives

Congressman files massive $250mil suit

12 hours ago By Fox News

TV Host Implies Australian MP ‘Complicit’ in NZ Attack

Anti-mass migration MP ambushed in live interview

1 day ago By Dan Lyman |

France to Ban Yellow Vests Protests

PM targets areas hardest hit

1 day ago By Sputnik

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Mar 18, 2019

New Zealand PM to Announce Gun Crackdown

Reaction to attack follows predictable pattern

Mar 15, 2019

EU Pressures UK Over Brexit

Demands clarity from UK lawmakers

Mar 15, 2019

Hungary’s Orban Hopes EuroParl Vote Brings Strong Leaders, Nation States

Nationalist PM calls for end to globalism, mass migration in Europe

Mar 15, 2019

Amazon Warehouse Conditions Drove Ex-Employee to Consider Suicide

Horrors of Amazon work environment coming to light

Mar 14, 2019

China Experiencing Worst Economic Growth in 30 Years

US using tariffs to ensure China plays by its rules

Mar 13, 2019

CIA Implicated in Attack on North Korean Embassy in Madrid

Spanish government calls CIA report unconvincing

Mar 13, 2019

Gold Rush: China Fleeing US Dollar

World's biggest players moving toward economic independence from America

Mar 12, 2019

US Warns Italy Not to Join China

Italy PM welcomes Chinese deal

Mar 11, 2019

Collapsing Birth Rates Cannot Sustain Socialism

Data clearly warns that the Ponzi scheme set up first in the New Deal of the Great Depression is no longer sustainable

Mar 11, 2019

Eastern Europeans to Use NATO for Border Security

Hungarian leader warns of incoming migrants

Mar 11, 2019

What to do When Your Bank Account Freezes

Things go sideways quickly when somebody else controls all of your money

Mar 11, 2019

Politics Invades SXSW

Leftist politicians target trendies at Austin festival

Mar 09, 2019

Mar 08, 2019

Hungary PM: No Compromise on Migration

Wants to preserve Christian culture

Mar 08, 2019

Mar 07, 2019

Project Veritas Slams Twitter Execs’ Spying Claims

Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde claim direct messages aren't monitored

Mar 07, 2019

Hungary PM: Breakup of EU “Can’t Be Ruled Out”

Calls for serious debate on immigration

Mar 07, 2019

America’s Economic Problems Are Self-Inflicted

America won't get a good deal with China, says Peter Schiff

Mar 07, 2019

Millennials Leading Mass Facebook Exodus

Over 17 million young Americans quit social site in last 2 years

Mar 06, 2019

Swedes Deny “Migrant” Home After Saying Opposite

Politically correct talk clashes with real-world consequences

Mar 06, 2019

Washington Worries: Italy to Join China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Move may damage Italy's international image, says White House

Mar 06, 2019

Expert Warns No Western Society Has Managed to Fully Integrate Muslims

Cites role of women, low investment of children's education

Mar 05, 2019

Growing Number of Countries Repatriating Their Gold Reserves

Romania looking to pull its gold out of Bank of England

Mar 05, 2019

Dozens Arrested For Erecting “Anti-Migrant” Christian Cross in Greece

Location houses major migrant traffic into Europe

Mar 04, 2019

Google Refuses to Remove App Letting Saudi Men Control Wives’ Travel

App allows Saudi men to grant, rescind travel permission, lets them know when women leave country

Mar 04, 2019

Trump Has to Deliver a Good Deal With China

Peter Schiff asks if markets should be rallying on this trade deal

Mar 04, 2019

National Guard Pulled From Border to Protect Drug Profits – Report

Why President Trump should federalize California’s National Guard

Mar 01, 2019

Feb 28, 2019

What the World’s Central Banks are Planning for Brexit

The monetary czars at the world’s central banks are coming to terms with the fact that a no-deal Brexit now seems to be the most likely outcome

Feb 28, 2019

Price of Russia’s Stockpiled Gold Skyrockets

Major powers seeking alternatives to US dollar

Feb 27, 2019

Russia Mulls Ending Gold Tax

Maneuver to boost demand, minimize dependence on US dollar

Feb 27, 2019

Fake Hate Crime Gay Activist Burns Own Home, Kills Pets In Process

When actual hate crimes are disappearing in American society, looney leftists are forced to fake their own attacks

Feb 26, 2019

Austria Scraps Asylum Reception Centers – Converts Them to Departure Centers

Migrants will be given advice on how to return to their home country

Feb 26, 2019

Top Vatican Official Convicted of Child Sex Crimes

One victim later died of heroin overdose