Image for California Electric Vehicle Mandate Could “Lead to Disaster” for Fragile Power Grid

California Electric Vehicle Mandate Could “Lead to Disaster” for Fragile Power Grid

Gov. Newsom's decree creates 'nightmare' scenario

3 hours ago By Zero Hedge

Image for Judge Restores Uber’s License To Operate In London, Its Biggest European Market

Judge Restores Uber’s License To Operate In London, Its Biggest European Market

Decision ends long battle with taxi regulator

23 hours ago By Zero Hedge

US Signs Strategic Pact on AI With UK To Counter ‘Repressive’ China

Beijing continues to advance in sophisticated tech

4 days ago By Sputnik

UK’s Chief Scientific Adviser A Major Shareholder in Vaccine Maker Contracted by Govt

London claims there's no conflict of interest despite reported finding

5 days ago By RT

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Sep 23, 2020

Scotland Bans Household Visits Under New COVID Rules

UK crushed under fresh wave of coronavirus tyranny

Sep 22, 2020

Prof Under Investigation for Calling COVID-19 the ‘Chinese Virus’

Student accuses professor of being 'xenophobic, racist'

Sep 22, 2020

Military Generals Are Just Another Group of Self-Interested Technocrats

In recent decades, active generals and retired generals have grown into a group of politically influential technocrats who can be regularly seen on evening news programs and are habitually feted and promoted as incorruptible patriots

Sep 22, 2020

Why They Want to Destroy Julian Assange

The trial of Julian Assange will have consequences that are far larger than the man himself

Sep 18, 2020

Trump Skipping United Nations Assembly

President snubs globalist confab

Sep 17, 2020

Elderly Woman Beaten to Death With Rolling Pin by Illegal – Police

81-year-old woman bludgeoned by husband's caretaker

Sep 17, 2020

English Soccer League Cuts Ties With Black Lives Matter

“We’re drawing a clear distinction between a moral cause and a political movement.”

Sep 16, 2020

Germany Offers US Major Investment Deal to Lift Sanctions From Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline – Report

NATO relevancy under dispute as European nations try to diversify their energy sources

Sep 15, 2020

Sep 15, 2020

Sep 14, 2020

Somali Trucker Charged in Near-Fatal Attack on Tow Truck Driver

Victim suffered life-threatening injuries after head bashed with iron rod

Sep 14, 2020

Australia Is A Full Scale Pilot Test For The New World Order

All of this is over 17 new cases of COVID-19

Sep 11, 2020

From 9/11 to Covid-19: Nineteen Years of Permanent “Emergency”

Whether we're commanded to trust the expert, abandon the rule of law, or venerate government for "keeping us safe," the 9/11 panic and our current crisis have many things in common

Sep 11, 2020

Dr. Fauci Says Americans Need to ‘Hunker Down For Fall, Winter’

Discredited virologist continues to fuel COVID panic

Sep 10, 2020

Spanish Cop Kneels on Teen’s Neck for ‘Wearing Mask the Wrong Way’

Disturbing images of COVID tyranny continue to emerge from Spain

Sep 08, 2020

The EU’s Drive toward Political Centralization Will Doom Its Economy

Europe needs more than ever the principles that made it successful: decentralization, free trade, and sound markets

Sep 08, 2020

MKULTRA and the CIA’s War on the Human Mind

Is the CIA a dastardly menace or a hotbed of horrible mistakes? If Stephen Kinzer’s new book is any indication, the answer is both.

Sep 07, 2020

The Collapsing Universities—and What We Can Do About It

The universities will tell you that they need to impose Covid-19 restrictions to cope with a raging pandemic, but they are lying

Sep 07, 2020

Sep 06, 2020

Systematic Collapse of Society: Manufactured Election Crisis & Famine

Elites determined to break our will and make us slaves in their world government agenda

Sep 06, 2020

Sep 04, 2020

Former Aussie PM Slams “Health Dictatorship”

Tony Abbott rips coronavirus tyranny as Australia hits first recession in 30 years

Sep 03, 2020

It’s Not “Just Property”: How Looting Destroys Lives and Low-Income Neighborhoods

Advocates for looting are now claiming that looting doesn't really hurt anybody but evil corporations. In truth, looting is a disaster for many families, business owners, and the neighborhoods themselves

Sep 02, 2020

Sep 01, 2020

It’s Time for a Geopolitical Reset

America's unipolar moment is over, and it's time to exercise restraint rather than indulge in endless fantasies about regime change and American-led "global democracy."

Sep 01, 2020

W.H.O. Warns ‘No Country Can Just Pretend Pandemic Is Over’

Comments come as Trump begins to embrace herd immunity approach

Sep 01, 2020

Facebook May Block Australians From Sharing News Articles

Big Tech mulls further restricting flow of information

Aug 31, 2020

How Germany’s Lockdowns Have Fostered Resentment and Violence among the Nation’s Youth

The economic and social damage done by lockdowns in Germany has fallen largely on the young, especially as older workers hold most of the secure and lucrative government jobs

Aug 28, 2020

Massive Stimulus Won’t Prevent a Eurozone Slowdown

Europe's path to long-term stagnation should serve as a reminder for the United States, again, of why it is not advisable to follow the eurozone policies. The results are invariably disastrous

Aug 28, 2020

Wearing Masks Not Enough, W.H.O. Says

Discredited globalist org calls for prolonged draconian measures

Aug 27, 2020

Thousands of Swedes Receive False-Positive COVID Results Due to Faulty Chinese Test Kits

3,700 results determined incorrect in latest testing scandal

Aug 26, 2020

Police Requests to Access Your Smart Speakers Skyrocket

Amazon, Google receiving thousands of requests for speaker user data

Aug 25, 2020

Vaccine Globalism: One Shot To Rule Them All

Top globalists fighting to be sole provider, distributor of “proven” Covid-19 vaccine to entire world

Aug 25, 2020

UN Org Requests $5 Billion in Emergency Funds to Prevent ‘Famine of Biblical Proportions’

Economic ripple effect of coronavirus lockdowns to kill millions in Third World

Aug 24, 2020

Border Agents Bust Over 400 Illegals at 23 Stash Houses in One Month

Smugglers caught cramming illegals in houses packed without any COVID-19 precautions