“F**k You”: Roger Stone Dismisses Daily Beast Reporter Asking About Jan. 6

'I only talk to legitimate news organizations,' Stone tells Beast correspondent.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

Former Trump confidant Roger Stone had terse words for a nosy journalist inquiring about his decision to plead the fifth in the House’s January 6 Commission probe.

Approached on what appeared to be a residential street by a reporter for The Daily Beast, Stone – who’s been subpoenaed to testify in the Select Committee’s Jan. 6 investigation – abruptly dismissed the journo’s question.

“Mr. Stone, the AP has reported that you’ve decided to assert your Fifth Amendment rights. Do you have any comments, sir?” a man filming asked Stone, who was wearing a shirt with the message, “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong”.

“You’re with The Daily Beast?” Stone followed up.

“Yes sir, I am,” the man confirmed.

“Fuck you,” Stone curtly replied.

“Excuse me, sir?” the reporter asked.

“Yeah, fuck you,” Stone said, adding, “I only talk to legitimate news organizations.”

The brief, but comical exchange came as Stone on Tuesday released a statement through his lawyer informing the Select Committee of his intent to invoke his Fifth Amendment right and decline to testify.

“In response to the recently served subpoena from the Select Committee, Mr. Stone has directed me to advise you that, as further discussed below, pursuant to the rights afforded him by the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, he declines to be deposed or produce documents,” Stone told the Committee through his attorney Grant J. Smith.

“Moreover, responding to the extensive requests requires the preparation of a detailed index and log describing the contents of the production, which in and of itself would be protected from disclosure by the U.S. Constitution,” Smith’s letter stated. “Thus given that Mr. Stone has been characterized in the press as under investigation by the DOJ and the FBI, responding to the document demand, which is plainly designed to elicit information about the existence of potentially incriminating evidence, would amount to a testimonial act, defeating the privilege being asserted.”

Last week, Stone told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson he was nowhere near the Capitol on January 6.

“I had a feeling. I had an intuition I just did not want to go. I think that God was giving me a signal, I didn’t go,” Stone told Tucker.

“Let me be as clear as I possibly can. Any claim, or assertion, or implication that I either knew about or I was involved in any way in the illegal activities of the Capitol on January 6 is categorically false,” he said, adding, “But if you read their subpoena… they’re trying to say that my remarks at two legally permitted rallies the day before are the cause of the break-in.”