God Is Moving! University Revival Praises Christ Around The Clock For Nine Days Straight & Counting

People are traveling from around the world to witness the phenomenon

Image Credits: CBN News Screenshot.

A massive movement is taking place at a small private Christian university in the heart of Kentucky.

Students at Asbury University in Wilmore spontaneously started a marathon worship service on Wednesday, Feb. 8 and haven’t stopped since.

Check out a live feed of the ongoing service below:

Attendees of the revival are praying and listening to worship music as well as personal testimonies from their peers.

After word about the movement spread, believers around the world traveled to the university to take part in the uplifting scene.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson covered the revival on Wednesday night, saying, “People just keep showing up from around the world. The university has even set up overflow chapels to accommodate the demand.”

Carlson reported individuals have flown in from New Zealand and Singapore to experience the Holy Spirit’s presence at the university chapel.

Alexandra Presta, the executive editor of the Asbury Collegian school paper, wrote last week, “I have embraced friends, cried with strangers and overall felt more connected to God than I have in a long while. And I am only one person, one witness to healing and transformative action taking place on the carpets, against the walls, and between the wooden rows of seats.”

She added, “I’ve had friends across state lines text and call me, wanting an explanation for how and why God chose now to come in this way. I admitted to all of them a phrase I usually despise: ‘I don’t know.’”

Since the revival is taking place at a university Gen Z is a crucial part of the movement, which is allowing it to make waves on platforms like TikTok.

NBC News reports, “In the TikTok videos of the event, some people are seen crying to worship music, with hands extended high, while others group up and place hands on those seeking prayer. The response of many TikTokers has gone beyond the typical ‘like’ or comment on the videos, which in some cases have stirred viewers to make the trek to Asbury for themselves.”

An estimated 3,000 people attended the pro-God movement on Tuesday, and as it gains more attention that number will surely grow.

Now, the massive religious spectacle is spreading to other college campuses from Ohio to Tennessee.



Second Kentucky university:

Check out some of the viral videos coming out of the Asbury University revival:

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