Google Caught Trying to Hide Trump’s Popularity Over Biden

Image Credits: Joe Raedle/Getty Images.

Google was caught trying to hide voter enthusiasm for President Trump by stating more people are searching for ‘Joe Biden’ over ‘Donald Trump,’ when in fact far more people are actually searching for ‘Trump’ over ‘Joe Biden’ or even ‘Biden.’

In other words, the search term ‘Trump’ is far more popular than ‘Joe Biden,’ ‘Biden,’ and ‘Donald Trump,’ according to Google’s own analytics, but because ‘Joe Biden’ is a more popular term than ‘Donald Trump,’ Google is claiming that there’s more interest in Biden over Trump.

First off, as of the time of this writing, ‘Trump’ is searched far more often than ‘Joe Biden:’

Screenshot/Fair use

Now compare ‘Trump’ with simply ‘Biden:’

And also compare ‘Trump’ with ‘Joe Biden’ and ‘Donald Trump:’

Screenshot/Fair use

Because the terms ‘Joe Biden’ and ‘Biden’ are more popular search terms than ‘Donald Trump’ (since people simply search for ‘Trump’), Google is claiming this is proof that more people are interested in Biden over Trump:

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Which is, of course, nonsense, because, as mentioned, far more people simply search for ‘Trump’ rather than ‘Donald Trump,’ and the search term ‘Trump’ beats out the other search terms related to Joe Biden.

This is a straightforward example of how Big Tech is working against President Trump instead of simply reporting on its election analytics without bias.

Case in point, the search term ‘Trump 2020’ is far more popular than ‘Biden 2020, and the search term ‘Trump’ is also more popular than ‘Biden 2020:

Screenshot/Fair use
Screenshot/Fair use