Google co-founder Larry Page ‘has been living off-grid and hiding out on isolated Fijian island for most of the pandemic’

Image Credits: Kimberly White/Getty Images for Fortune.

Google co-founder Larry Page has reportedly been living off the grid for more than a year, hiding out in Fiji on isolated islands away from tourists as the pandemic swept the world.

Fijian health officials even pressured a TV network to pull a story about him donating COVID-19 medical supplies to the country, as the tech titan went out of his way to avoid the public.

Page, 48, has become reclusive over the past several years – avoiding being photographed except for a handful of times since stepping down as CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. in 2019. 

He has spent months in Fiji during the coronavirus pandemic – mostly on the island of Tavarua – and  it has been rumored the billionaire has bought at least one island in the country’s Mamanuca archipelago, sources told Insider

Page has also been spotted an a smaller island called Namotu – which a sailor named Lorenzo Cipriani claimed Page bought in a blog post in August. 

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He had taken his private jet to donate COVID-19 medical supplies to Fiji last month as a second wave of the pandemic hit the country – which was reported by Fijian Broadcasting Company News on June 19, according to Insider.

However, that story has since disappeared from the state-owned news site – and sources told Insider that health officials in Fiji asked for it to come down, claiming that the information should not have been made public.

A source confirmed to that the article had been removed after health officials asked for the story to be taken down because ‘they didn’t want the donation highlighted.’

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