Google De-Lists Alex Jones From Web Search

Infowars website demoted to third page in search results

Tech giant Google has de-listed Alex Jones from its website search engine in its latest effort to unperson the Infowars founder.

When plugging “Alex Jones” into Google’s search engine, his flagship website doesn’t appear until the third page of its search results.

The apparent move by Google comes after an employee in April leaked damning internal documents detailing how Google manually manipulates its search results to exclude conservative media websites.

“T&S [Trust & Safety team] will be in charge of updating the blacklist as when there is a demand,” reads the policy document.

“The purpose of the blacklist will be to bar the sites from surfacing in any Search feature or news product. It will not cause a demotion in the organic search results or de-index them altogether.”

“The deceptive_news domain blacklist is going to be used by many search features to filter problematic sites that violate the good neighbor and misrepresentation policies,” explained the document.

Compare Google’s manipulated results to smaller search engine platforms DuckDuckGo and Bing, where appears as the TOP result after searching for “Alex Jones”:

The next step in Big Tech’s censorship slippery slope will likely be the banning of entire website URLs altogether, where one must manually enter a website domain into the address bar to visit it.

Infowarrior John_Born_in_the_USA summed up Big Tech’s censorship campaign best:

On August 10, 2018 Alex Jones predicted exactly how Big Tech would go after Alex first then after Steven Crowder and other conservatives next. Alex explains he is able to be accurate because he has studied the game plan of the globalists that control Big Tech.