Google Engineer Arrested In Portland For Assault & Resisting Arrest At BLM Riot

These are the people programming the censorship algorithms against conservatives

Image Credits: Alberto Pezzali/NurPhoto via Getty Images.

A Google software engineer has been arrested in Portland for assault and resisting arrest during the Black Lives Matter riots.

Zachary Trudo, an AI software developer for Google, was booked at the Multnomah County Detention Center on Sunday for assault, resisting arrest, interfering with a peace officer, and escape.

Trudo is a Bernie Sanders supporter and self-described Marxist who called for the Portland to be “burned to the ground” on social media prior to his arrest.

Notably, Trudo’s employment history on his LinkedIn profile indicates he previously worked at Nike, Intel, and was system administrator for the U.S. Army.

As Project Veritas has shown, Trudo’s radical left political views are par for the course among Google employees.

Google executive Jen Gennai admitted on undercover video that the search engine giant is using artificial intelligence and algorithmic manipulation to meddle in the upcoming presidential election.

“We all got screwed over in 2016, again it wasn’t just us, it was, the people got screwed over, the news media got screwed over, like, everybody got screwed over so we’re rapidly been like, what happened there and how do we prevent it from happening again,” Gennai said.

And last year, Google whistleblower Greg Coppola revealed that Google is writing algorithms designed to politically censor conservatives and manipulate public opinion.

“I’ve been coding since I was ten [years old.] I have a PhD, I have five years’ experience at Google and I just know how algorithms are. They don’t write themselves. We write them to do what we want them to do,” Coppola said.

Was it really just a glitch that many Conservative/Libertarian websites were inaccessible from the search giant for days?