Google’s Schmidt to Lead Gov AI Group

Former Google Executive to advise Congress, White House

Image Credits: Win McNamee / Staff / Getty.

The former chief executive of Google has been selected to lead America’s National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence.

Eric Schmidt will provide his expertise on AI issues pertaining to national security, according to former Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work, who will also serve as the vice chair of the commission.

“Artificial intelligence will have an enormous impact on our future economic and military competitiveness,” said Work. “I look forward to working with Eric Schmidt and the other distinguished commissioners on how best to exploit this rapidly improving technology for the betterment of our citizens, economy, and security.”

The commission was created in 2019 by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and one of its directives is to advise Congress and the White House on how to keep America on top of the cutting-edge AI scene.

“[The AI commission is tasked to] consider the methods and means necessary to advance the development of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and associated technologies by the United States to comprehensively address the national security and defense needs of the United States,” reads the official duties of the commission.

Correspondingly, America’s blitz to dominate AI advancements comes weeks after a report claimed China is projected to lead the world in AI research in just four years.

“…China aspires to lead globally in AI and is supported by ambitious national policies,” the report reads. “A net brain gain of AI researchers in China also suggests an attractive research environment.”

“China’s AI focuses on computer vision and does not have a dedicated natural language processing and knowledge representation cluster, including speech recognition, possibly because this type of research in China is conducted by corporations that may not publish as many scientific articles.”

Time will tell if the White House will discover a conflict of interest in the selection of Schmidt, given Google’s involvement in the prototype censored search engine custom made for China, Project Dragonfly.

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