GOP Firebrand Kari Lake Tells Fox News Biden ‘Illegitimate President’ – Trump Calls The Clip A ‘Must-Watch’

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate got into a fiery conversation with Fox host Bret Baier Monday night

Image Credits: fox news screenshot.

A tense appearance on Fox News by GOP Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake on Monday, resulted in her verbally dominating the network’s host Bret Baier and Donald Trump praising her for destroying him regarding election fraud.

Baier began the interview by asking Lake for her opinion on the overturning of Roe v Wade, and how to deal with cities like Tucson and Phoenix that want to push back against the state’s abortion trigger law that will ban abortions after 15 weeks.

“We will protect the lives of the unborn in Arizona. It’s going to be very hard for abortion clinics to survive and be open. Abortion is illegal in Arizona,” she explained.

Next, the Arizona gubernatorial candidate was asked to talk about the biggest issue facing the state.

Touching on the open border and massive amounts of drugs pouring in, Lake noted none of these issues would be as bad as they currently are if we had fair elections.

“That wouldn’t be happening if we had fair, honest elections,” she said. “We had a fraudulent election, a corrupt election, and we have an illegitimate president sitting in the White House. Because of that, our border is wide open.”

Pushing back against her allegations of a 2020 election theft, Baier played a video clip of GOP Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers telling the House Jan. 6 committee last week that he does not believe the election was stolen.

Responding, Lake told Baier, “He is a RINO. And he hopefully will be defeated. He is an absolute RINO.”

She continued to list a mountain of evidence showing irregularities related to the 2020 election in Arizona and criticized mainstream media for refusing to cover it.

Baier replied by saying, “There have been, as you know, more than 70 court cases where there was not evidence and there was not any state legislature or governor that failed to certify an election, including your own Republican Doug Ducey.”

Lake explained that no legitimate evidence has been allowed to be displayed in any of the court cases so far, and voiced optimism for a future court case where the True The Vote evidence can be seen by a judge.

Baier then asked Lake if she thinks Arizona voters want to spend time “looking at 2020 instead of looking forward from 2022 and beyond.”

The popular GOP candidate said she talks with Arizona citizens every day and they have repeatedly told her election integrity is their top priority because all other issues are downstream of fair elections.

Lake said voters know every issue, “from inflation to the border being wide open, not being able to afford gas and groceries, all stems from this corrupt election.”

Baier ended the election conversation by telling his viewers every Republican leader in Washington says Joe Biden is the legitimate president.

Next, the Fox host asked Lake about a recent story by The Washington Post claiming she hired a drag queen to perform at her home before campaigning against drag shows for children.

“I’m really shocked,” Lake told Baier. “I’m actually appalled that Fox News would take a defamatory story like that—and we are pursuing legal action against this drag queen—I’m appalled that you would bring that up when you have not talked about our stolen election.”

Continuing, Lake said, “This is a person I covered for decades, for twenty years, and he’s never been in my home. He says he’s been in my home for a drag show? That’s ludicrous. He’s never been in my home. He’s lied. We tried to serve him defamation papers and he’s so shady we can’t even track him down, because he’s not even welcome at the places where he works.”

Baier pressed further, asking Lake to address two photos of her with the drag queen before telling her, “I don’t want to ask these questions.”

“I think you do want to ask them, but you don’t want to ask about ‘2000 Mules,’” Lake quipped, adding, “I’m talking about drag shows in schools.”

Near the end of the discussion, Lake again said it was “appalling” that Fox asked her about the allegedly defamatory story and noted they didn’t ask her GOP opponent Karin Robson tough questions about her numerous controversies.

Donald Trump posted a message about the interview on Tuesday, writing, “Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake was absolutely fantastic in her interview with a very unfair Bret Baier on Fox News. She absolutely destroyed him on the subject of the 2020 Presidential Election Fraud and ‘Irregularities.’”

He added, “It is a MUST WATCH, she will never be invited back, and he wanted to get off that subject as quickly as possible – had no answers. Kari is the kind of tough minded and smart person our Country needs if we are ever going to be great again!”

While establishment politicians and globalist-controlled media outlets try to paint Lake as a kooky conspiracy theorist for voicing her legitimate concerns about the 2020 election, the following flashback clip highlights the media’s hypocrisy.

In 2019, then-candidate Joe Biden said, “I absolutely agree” after a woman claimed Donald Trump was “an illegitimate president,” even going as far as jokingly asking the woman to be his vice president.