GOP Lawmakers Consider Abandoning Infrastructure Deal After Biden’s Veto Double-Cross

"Where I come from, and in my years in the Senate, the single greatest currency that you have is your word, keeping your word,” Biden said hours before breaking his word.

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GOP lawmakers are fuming over Joe Biden threatening to veto a bipartisan infrastructure agreement if the far-left’s radical wish list was not included in the package.

Biden had promised to bring the Senate together on a bipartisan infrastructure agreement, conveying Thursday on national television that he trusted his Republican colleagues on good-faith negotiations.

“Where I come from, and in my years in the Senate, the single greatest currency that you have is your word, keeping your word,” Biden told reporters.

“The people I was with today are people that I trust. I don’t agree with them on a lot of things, but I trust them when they say, ‘This is a deal. We’ll stick to the deal.’”

“Just like I doubt that you’ll find any one of them who say they don’t trust me when I said, ‘OK, this is the deal — on these issues, this is a deal we’ll stick with,’” he added.

But just hours later, Biden threatened to veto the infrastructure bill if it didn’t include “human infrastructure” provisions sought by the far-left that have nothing to do with with actual infrastructure, such as climate change measures, childcare, and job training for felons.

“Less than two hours after publicly commending our colleagues and actually endorsing the bipartisan agreement, the President took the extraordinary step of threatening to veto it,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor Thursday.

“That’s not the way to show you’re serious about getting a bipartisan outcome.”

Other Republican senators present during Biden’s announcement, including Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio), were apparently “blindsided” by Biden’s double-cross.

“The senator was definitely blindsided by the president’s comments after their announcement yesterday, so he is angry and frustrated,” said a GOP operative close Portman.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) accused Biden of “holding hostage” the infrastructure agreement and called for abandoning the “deal by extortion.”

Maybe now, Republicans will begin to understand that good-faith negotiations with Joe Biden and the current radical Democrat Party is impossible.

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