GOP Never Trumpers Call For Trump’s Arrest, Champion Globalist Policies

Maniac globalist RINO primary challengers call for red flag laws, reinstatement of globalist deals, and implementation of carbon taxes

Image Credits: ABC/Facebook.

Never Trump Republicans eager to challenge Trump in 2020 joined Politicon on Saturday to rant about how President Trump is a traitor posing a danger to the nation who must be arrested.

GOP primary challengers Bill Weld, Joe Walsh, and Mark Sanford perpetuated the left’s debunked talking points about Trump’s Ukraine phone call, calling for him to be arrested and tried for treason.

“He betrayed our elections!” Walsh, a former congressman, exclaimed. “If you don’t impeach him for that, you’re telling future presidents that that’s okay, to allow foreign governments to screw around with our elections. We can’t set that precedent.”

When asked if they would support prosecution of Trump, Weld and Sanford replied: “Yes.” Walsh even said, “Heck yes!”

The three Never Trumpers also decried Trump’s foreign policy of ending the endless wars, with Weld claiming that Trump wanted to “will out of existence” all the other countries in the world.

“The country has to return to a policy of full engagement of robust diplomacy with our allies and other countries around the world,” Weld, the former Massachusetts governor said. “Something which President Trump has no interest because he’s a complete isolationist and he wants to will out of existence every other country out of the world. America first, last, and always it seems.”

Walsh echoed Weld’s statment, wildly claiming, “All roads lead to Putin, let’s be clear.”

Weld, who previously called for Trump to be executed, even launched into a climate change diatribe where he explained how de-industrializing America using carbon taxes would somehow save the Earth, while also ignoring the fact that China is by far the biggest polluter on the planet.

“Dealing with climate change is not difficult, you put a price on carbon…say so many dollars a ton, $40-50 dollars a ton,” Weld said. “And then the market responds to the pricing signal and the emitters – the oil and gas companies, the coal companies if they’re still around – they pay that price, and as that price goes up they say ‘ouch, that hurts. I’m not gonna put so much carbon in the atmosphere.’ That will get us to the point where the temperature of the atmosphere will not rise above 1.5 degrees centigrade between now and 2050, which the only thing we have to do.”

Later in the discussion, he also touted his support for globalist deals like TPP, the Paris Climate Accords, and anti-Second Amendment red flag laws, with Sanford and Walsh both echoing their approval.

Alex Jones made this statement in reaction to their bizarre ranting and raving:

“The three so-called Republicans you saw on stage are beyond RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). They’re frothing globalists pushing the completely debunked lie that the president was engaged in quid pro quo, demanding massive carbon taxes on all U.S. energy that would put us into a depression overnight, and wouldn’t even stop the production of carbon because it would simply move overseas where they have no carbon controls in places like China – it would actually end up creating a net increase as China took over what’s left of U.S. production.”

“That’s a mathematical fact. But of course they know that’s a fact. They’re simply moving in to cripple U.S. industry as part of an admitted globalist plan to transfer all power to authoritarian states they have kleptocratic partnerships with like Communist China.”

GOP challenger Bill Weld has called for the execution of President Trump for treason.