GOP Senate Staffer: Trump Civil War Tweet a “Tipping Point” For Some Republicans

Could convince more Republicans to vote to remove him from office.

Image Credits: Alex Wong/Getty Images.

Trump’s civil war tweet was a “tipping point” that could lead to more Republicans supporting his removal from office, according to a GOP Senate staffer.

The quote was tweeted by White House correspondent and CNN political analyst Brian J. Karem.

“NOW From a GOP Senate staffer: “The Civil War tweet is a tipping point for some, but not all.” Says Trump’s actions are pushing the GOP toward removal if that vote comes. It boils down to @senatemajldr. “If Sen. McConnell votes for removal, then it’s over.”

However, the consensus remains that McConnell would never vote to remove Trump.

Despite Democrats exploding with rage in response to the tweet, accusing Trump of “threatening” a civil war, the reality is quite different.

Trump was actually quoting Pastor Robert Jeffress, who warned of “a Civil War like fracture” if Trump is removed from office.


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