Gov. Cuomo Unveils Bizarre ‘Pandemic Poster’ Touting New York’s COVID-19 Response

Fails to mention state order herding coronavirus patients into nursing homes, killing thousands

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) unveiled a strange art poster he personally designed depicting the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cuomo proudly unveiled his artwork during a press conference Monday, which showed a mountain representing the coronavirus fatality bell-curve with strange symbols conveying certain points of the pandemic, such as the shutdowns, mass testing, social distancing and mask wearing.

“I did a new one for what we went through with COVID,” Cuomo told reporters. “I think the general shape is familiar to you. We went up the mountain, we curved the mountain, we came down the other side.”

Cuomo launched into a meandering and long-winded explanation about what the convoluted messaging behind the sophomoric artwork means, such as the “sea of division,” “winds of fear,” and even President Trump sitting on a crescent moon claiming the virus is “just the flu.”

The poster is even complete with a communist-sounding slogan “Love, COMMUNITY, Support.”

Cuomo explained that he enjoys making political campaign cartoons, and has made several other posters in the past.

He even constructed a paper-mâché mountain meant to physically convey the curve of the coronavirus death rate last month.

What none of his artwork or models mention is a sizable percentage of the total COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. are attributed to the thousands of elderly deaths resulting from several Democrat governors’ questionable mandates ordering coronavirus patients into nursing homes to supposedly free up hospital space.

In fact, Cuomo even blamed the nursing homes for listening to his directives!





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