Image for Revealed: Zuckerberg Group Bribed Detroit with $7.4 Million to “Dramatically” Expand Votes

Revealed: Zuckerberg Group Bribed Detroit with $7.4 Million to “Dramatically” Expand Votes

"We must not let a shadow government run our elections to the benefit of favored candidates and political parties"

20 hours ago By Jamie White | INFOWARS.COM

Image for Former DNI Ratcliffe: Law Enforcement Knows Hunter Biden’s Laptop “Real”, Not “Russian Disinformation”

Former DNI Ratcliffe: Law Enforcement Knows Hunter Biden’s Laptop “Real”, Not “Russian Disinformation”

"Now the question is: will Joe Biden’s Department of Justice exercise prosecutorial discretion against Joe Biden’s son? I don’t know the answer to that. I know what the answer should be," he says

2 days ago By Jamie White | INFOWARS.COM

Sec of State Blinken Warns Of “Consequences” If Russia Acts “Aggressively” In Ukraine

"There are more Russian forces massed on those borders than at any time since 2014 when Russia first invaded," he says

2 days ago By Zero Hedge

CDC Director Says Racism A ‘Serious Public Health Threat’

"To build a healthier America for all, we must confront the systems and policies that have resulted in the generational injustice that has given rise to racial and ethnic health inequities"

3 days ago By

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Apr 10, 2021

Supreme Court Rules Against Newsom’s Limits On In-Home Religious Gatherings

High court noted it was the fifth time it rejected the Ninth Circuit's rulings on California COVID restrictions

Apr 10, 2021

Nearly 40% of Marines Have Rejected COVID Vaccine as Dems Call on Biden Admin to Make Shots Mandatory for Troops

75,500 Marines have agreed to be vaccinated so far, while around 48,000 have declined the inoculation, CNN reported.

Apr 07, 2021

Apr 07, 2021

Apr 06, 2021

Durham Won’t Preserve Seth Rich Evidence Under Order To Be Destroyed, Says Attorney

"Like Trump, I’ve come to suspect that you and Mr. Barr were acting in bad faith, and that you appeased President Trump with the pretense of a legitimate investigation even as you were 'running out the clock,'" says Ty Clevenger in letter to special counsel

Apr 06, 2021

Fauci Says He’s “Not Quite Sure” Why COVID Cases Dropping In Texas Despite Opening Up 100%

Fauci once again caught with egg on his face after predicting Texas would likely experience another surge for dropping mask mandates and capacity restrictions

Apr 05, 2021

Justice Clarence Thomas Says Big Tech Doesn’t Have Right To Censor Americans

Section 230 "could potentially violate the First Amendment to the extent those provisions pre-empt state laws that protect free speech from private censorship," he says

Apr 04, 2021

Biden’s Energy Secretary: Dems Will Ram Through $2.9 Trillion ‘Infrastructure’ Package Without GOP if Necessary

Only 5% of the massive spending bill addresses infrastructure while the rest goes to Green New Deal measures

Apr 03, 2021

Schumer Says Senate Will Move Ahead on Marijuana Legalization With or Without Biden

Joe Biden simply signs the bills his Democrat masters tell him to sign

Apr 03, 2021

Ron DeSantis Signs Executive Order Banning Vaccine Passports, Says Would Create ‘Two Classes Of Citizens’

"Requiring so-called COVID-19 vaccine passports for taking part in everyday life would create two classes of citizens based on vaccinations."

Apr 02, 2021

Biden Infrastructure Bill Includes $20 BILLION To DESTROY Highways For Being Racist

Administration claims "long-standing and persistent racial injustice" in infrastructure

Mar 31, 2021

Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down Democrat Governor’s Statewide Mask Mandate

Democrat governor Tony Evers violated state law by imposing multiple emergency order to extend the mandate

Mar 30, 2021

Biden COVID Team Considers Using ChiCom-Based Tracking App That Allows Businesses To Deny Unvaccinated Americans

The proposal would amount to a more extreme version of the 'vaccine passports' being rolled out by airlines and some U.S. cities

Mar 29, 2021

Biden Urges All Governors To Reimpose Mask Mandates

"I'm reiterating my call for every governor, mayor and local leader to maintain and reinstate the mask mandate," Biden says

Mar 29, 2021

Gun Laws and Decentralization: Lessons from “Constitutional Carry”

Forty years ago, the US had almost no legal concealed carry

Mar 29, 2021

Pathetic: CDC Director Says She’s “Very Scared”, Warns of “Impending Doom” Amid Spike in COVID Cases

These are the kind of fear-mongering psychos Joe Biden picked to lead the nation's top health agency.

Mar 28, 2021

Breaking: Biden White House Working With Companies To Develop “Vaccine Passports” In America

Biden administration coordinating with multinational corporations to impose medical tyranny on Americans

Mar 28, 2021

Sec. of State Blinken Suggests U.S. Won’t Punish China For Unleashing COVID-19 On World

The Biden administration will apparently let Communist China get away with anything

Mar 27, 2021

Arizona Gov. Lifts Mask Mandates & All COVID Restrictions

Comes after Texas, Mississippi, Iowa, Wyoming, and others lifted their mask mandates over the last month

Mar 27, 2021

It Has Begun: First COVID-19 ‘Pass’ Introduced in New York

The medical tyranny is being rolled out as scheduled

Mar 27, 2021

NIH Chief Panics: We Need To ‘Convince’ Vaccine Skeptics To Get COVID Shot ASAP

"The hesitancy will begin to become the defining factor and whether we reach herd immunity or not -- that doesn't give us a lot of time," says Dr. Francis Collins

Mar 25, 2021

The Role of Covid Lockdowns in 2020’s Homicide Surge

The homicide rate increased substantially in 2020

Mar 25, 2021

If Deficits Don’t Matter, Why Bother with Taxes?

If deficits don't matter, why bother with taxes?

Mar 25, 2021

The Border Crisis Is the Latest Example of Government “Efficiency”

Government revenues are outpacing population growth, yet government agencies can’t seem to carry out even the most basic functions

Mar 24, 2021

Opposition Builds to the F-35 Program’s Runaway Costs

The reliability and service life of the F-35 were greatly exaggerated in earlier reports

Mar 24, 2021

Federal Investigation Launched Against Joe Biden For Halting Border Wall Construction

Government Accountability Office says Biden may have broken the law by freezing the money in violation of budget rules meant for Congress to control

Mar 23, 2021

Victim-Centered Justice Throws Black Men under the Bus

By embedding victim-centered justice in law, lack of due process will become institutionalized

Mar 23, 2021

Biden Admin Ignored Urgent Warnings About Impending Migrant Surge

Feds 'knew it was going to happen,' CBP official says

Mar 21, 2021

What’s Biden Hiding? ABC Grills DHS Chief Over Lack of Press Access At U.S. Border Amid Record Migrant Surge

"If you've got this great plan, why will you not let the media in?" CNN anchor asks.

Mar 21, 2021

Former FDA Commissioner: “Costly” Social Distancing Mandate “Wasn’t Based On Clear Science”

"This six-foot distancing requirement has probably been the single costliest mitigation tactic that we've employed in response to COVID," says Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

Mar 20, 2021

Biden Awards $86 MILLION Contract for Hotel Rooms to House 1,200 Illegal Migrants

Biden scrambles to mitigate crisis his administration started by...rewarding migrants with pricey accommodations

Mar 20, 2021

Supreme Court Judge Rules New York Times Used ‘Deceptive Disinformation’ To Smear Project Veritas

Judge finds leftist publication used "reckless disregard" and "acted with actual malice" in trying to smear Project Veritas

Mar 20, 2021

Biden Reportedly Mulls Airlifting Migrants to Canadian Border in Scramble to Avert Looming Crisis

Options were weighed after Friday morning witnessed thousands unaccompanied minors and family units cross the Rio Grande into Texas.

Mar 16, 2021

Biden Intel Community Releases Report Claiming China Did NOT Try To Influence 2020 Election

Office of Director of National Intelligence points finger at Russia and Iran instead

Mar 15, 2021

WaPo Retraction About Trump-Georgia Phone Call Reveals Sec Of State Committed Fraud To Frame Trump

Brad Raffensberger's "office secretly recorded the conversation, mischaracterized its contents to The Washington Post and then attempted to delete the recording," says GA GOP chairman

Mar 13, 2021

FBI Burns Their Own Informant Who Was Allegedly The Driving Force Behind Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

Feds may be indicting informant as a form of witness intimidation over fears he could testify against them and expose their entrapment scheme in court