‘Grab a Pistol, Pop a Bigot in his Little D*ck’ — Disgusting ‘LGBTQ’ Rap Song Promotes Violence Against ‘Opposition’

Call for trans violence takes on new meaning after trans psycho carried out Covenant School shooting that left three children dead.

Image Credits: Infowars.com.

An atrocious song by a transgender rapper being circulated on social media urges violence against “bigots” who oppose the LGBTQ movement.

Highlighted by media commentator Elijah Schaffer Friday, the song “DOUBL3 TAK3” by rapper “DAMAG3” features a verse stating, “Now, if you with it, grab a pistol, pop a bigot in his little dick, I’m ’bout to pop up on the opposition, is you with me yet?”

***WARNING: Song contains vulgar lyrics. Viewer discretion advised.***

The call for violence from a member of the trans community takes on a new meaning following the Covenant School shooting in Nashville that left six dead, including three children, carried out last March by transgender 28-year-old Audrey Hale.

The call for violence against those who oppose trans insanity is also becoming not only a mantra but a fashion statement for some.

Let’s collectively hope trans rap is a short-lived fad that fades into obscurity.