Green Beret Calls On U.S. Patriots Who Were Asked to Spy on Oath Keepers by FBI to Speak Out Against Deep State Setup

US Army Special Forces combat veteran Jeremy Brown is calling on other patriots to expose the FBI's efforts to recruit them leading up to Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Image Credits: screenshot/Jeremy Brown.

A Green Beret who refused to work with the FBI leading up to the Capitol riot on January 6 is calling for fellow patriots to step forward and blow the whistle on the Deep State plot to demonize Trump supporters.

US Army Special Forces combat veteran and former Congressional candidate Jeremy Brown revealed in October 2020 that he was approached by the FBI to spy on the Oath Keepers.

Not only did Brown refuse to be recruited, he released audio and video surveillance of the DHS and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) showing up at his Florida home.

Now, Brown is calling on U.S. patriots who were also approached by the FBI to blow the whistle on the Deep State setup, according to The Gateway Pundit.

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If you’ve been approached by the FBI to recruit you, send an email to lawyer Kellye SoRelle ([email protected]), the founder of the Green Dragon Institute and Oath Keepers General Counsel.

Brown’s testimony coincides with the recent bombshell piece by Revolver News revealing that the FBI used numerous informants and provocateurs embedded in patriot groups like the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys during the January 6 Capitol protest to commit violence.

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The Deep State is using the events of the Capitol riot to justify their crackdown against Trump supporters and political opponents of Joe Biden, characterized by Attorney General Merrick Garland as “white supremacists.”

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