‘Grid Failure’ May Cause ‘Forced’ Blackouts For Half of U.S. This Summer, Experts Warn

“The US is experiencing more outages globally than any other industrialized nation. About 70% of our grid is nearing end of life," says energy economist.

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Widespread blackouts may come to the Midwest, Texas, and Western U.S. this summer due to “insufficient” power generation to meet demand, a top grid operator warned in an unprecedented report.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation, a non-profit regulator for U.S. grid operators, issued a first of its kind Summer Reliability Assessment warning that the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), which operates the power grid across 15 states, is at “high” risk of failing to meet energy demand, which may lead to “forced outages.”

“In the event of wide-area extreme heat event, all U.S. assessment areas in the Western Interconnection are at risk of energy emergencies,” the report says.

The report warns the situation is worse for the Midwest because MISO, which serves 42 million people’s energy needs, is preparing to have 2.3% less generation capacity this summer than it had the year before, while peak demand projections have increased by 1.7%.

The report goes on to say that Texas’ energy grid may need to use “emergency procedures” to cope with “a combination of extreme peak demand, low wind, and high outage rates from thermal generators.”

The report claims the risks of power grid failure are also attributed to “supply chain issues”, low coal stockpiles, “cyber security threats from Russia”, and “unexpected tripping of solar photovoltaic (PV) resources during grid disturbances.”

But Bloomberg News takes it a step further, blaming the coming outages on “climate change.”

“Blame the heat. Summer in much of the Northern Hemisphere is a typical peak for electricity use. This year, it’s going to be sweltering as climate change tightens its grip,” Bloomberg reported.

“In California, the most populous state, gas supplies are clipped even further because of a pipeline rupture last year that has limited imports. Plus, climate change is fueling drought, severely curbing hydropower supplies. The California Independent System Operator said this month that the state may be at risk of blackouts for the next few summers amid extreme weather.”

Overall, the 46-page report mentions “forced outages” 29 times and calls for consumers to reduce their energy consumption during the summer.

Experts say that in addition to these problems, the majority of the U.S. power grid itself is deteriorating.

“The US is experiencing more outages globally than any other industrialized nation,” said Teri Viswanath, lead economist for power, energy and water at CoBank ACB. “About 70% of our grid is nearing end of life.”

But rather than bankroll much-needed maintenance to the U.S. energy infrastructure, the Biden administration and Congress thought it more politically glamorous to send $40 billion of taxpayer dollars last week to the failed government of Ukraine as aid in NATO’s proxy war with Russia.

Additionally, the Biden administration has continued shutting down pipelines and oil and gas leases despite energy prices skyrocketing from inflation and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Forced outages in half the country may sound like an unmitigated failure by the U.S. government, but in reality it’s a key feature of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda.

After all, Joe Biden said Tuesday that exploding energy prices were part of an “incredible transition” away from fossil fuels.

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