Grocery Shelves Bare In Australia As Trucker Strike, COVID Isolation For Workers Reels Country

Comes as Australian government threatens to shut off unvaccinated individuals from society and introduces Orwellian COVID tracking app.

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Alarming videos out of Australia reveal numerous empty supermarket shelves as thousands of distribution workers are forced to isolate in their homes and a trucker strike is underway.

Major shortages are taking hold down under, with grocery workers forced to isolate in their homes due to the country’s draconian COVID measures.

Truckers in Australia also launched a nationwide strike on September 1 to protest COVID-109 vaccine mandates and passports, which has received a total media blackout.

The truckers have reportedly blockaded every entrance into Sydney despite reports that their radios have been jammed.

But the grocery chains insist the shortages are due to the stores “doing their part” to keep employees from working to reduce COVID spread.

“By playing our part to help protect the community, some of our team members are currently in self-isolation to reduce the spread of Covid-19,” Coles told the Daily Mail Australia in a statement.

“As a result, we are experiencing reduced product availability in stores and online.”

The Australian government has apparently taken noticed of the truckers’ actions despite the media blackout — they backed off trying to force them to take the vaccine to enter South Australia a few days ago.

Currently, Australia is still enforcing some of the harshest lockdowns and draconian contact tracing measures in the world, announcing their intention to force citizens to report to the government via a tracking app and threatening to shut unvaccinated individuals out of society.

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Alex Jones breaks down the globalist plan to clamp down on the population with tracking IDs and social credit score based restrictions for participation in society, now being implemented in Australia.