Group Files Lawsuit with Wisconsin Supreme Court Alleging 150,000 Fraudulent Ballots

Image Credits: Chris Ryan / Getty Images.

A conservative group dubbed the Wisconsin Voters Alliance filed a lawsuit with the Wisconsin Supreme Court Tuesday arguing the state’s election results are false after the discovery of 150,000 fraudulent ballots.

In the 46-page lawsuit, the group calls on the Wisconsin Elections Commission to abstain from certifying the state’s results as over 150,000 votes are illegal, with some violating the state’s voter ID laws.

An elimination of the 156,807 illegal votes would give Trump the lead in the state, where Biden supposedly won by 20,608 votes.

Here’s a breakdown of the illegal votes, via the lawsuit:

“Moreover, these discrepancies were a direct result of Wisconsin election officials’ willful violation of state law,” declared the Director of the Amistad Project Phill Kline.

According to WKOW, the lawsuit calls on the Supreme Court not to certify the results “so that the Republican-controlled state Legislature could pick the representatives to the Electoral College.”

“The lawsuit also would require Gov. Tony Evers, a Democrat, to certify those electors,” reports WKOW.

Elsewhere in the lawsuit, the group accuses groups funded by Facebook CEO of helping illegally register absentee voters.

“The Zuckerberg-funded private organization, the Center for Technology and Civic Life, gifted over $6,000,000 to the Cities of Racine, Kenosha, Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee, all Democratic Party strongholds, in order for those cities to facilitate the use of absentee voting in violation of Wisconsin law,” the suit states.

See the lawsuit here

Wisconsin’s deadline to certify its results is December 1.