Group of Black Students Force White Kids to Take BLM Pledge on Elementary School Playground

White students who attempted to flee the situation were evidently 'chased down and escorted, dragged, or carried to the playground,' according to the principal.

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A group of black students at an elementary school in Ohio allegedly rounded up white kids and forced them to recite a BLM pledge.

The incident happened Monday on a playground at Kenwood Elementary School in Springfield during recess.

The school’s principal told police “a group of Black students had gathered several white students on a specific spot of the playground and forced them to state ‘Black Lives Matter’ against their will.”

White students who attempted to flee the situation were evidently “chased down and escorted, dragged, or carried to the playground,” according to the principal.

The police report says one white student was “punched in the head.”

The black students also reportedly filmed the white students making the pledge.

One outraged parent interviewed by WHIO whose 12-year-old child was victimized came close to labeling the violent incident a racist hate crime.

“I mean I’m angry as a parent but I understand they are children. It’s not okay to hate anybody because of their skin color, or their gender or sexual orientation, or anything like that. Nobody should be hating anybody,” said dad Ryan Springer.

“Where was the school staff when all of this was taking place? And why? Why did it get so far?” he added.

The boy’s mother, Ashley Henthorne, reported noticing a visible change in her son’s behavior following the incident and feared he could be traumatized.

“I kept asking him all weekend, are you OK? And he kept saying, ‘yeah, I’m just tired’ And then when I got the phone call Monday about it, I was like, ‘that explained a lot,’” Henthrone said, adding, “He’s like, he’s kind of traumatized… he’s not a very confrontational kid. He’s got one of the biggest hearts of any kid around.”

The Springfield School district released a statement saying they were unable to discuss the incident since it’s “now a police matter.”

‘The Springfield City School District is committed to providing our students with a safe learning environment, where they look forward to attending every day. The District is aware of a situation that occurred at Kenwood Elementary. We are working closely with the Springfield Police Division on this matter to ensure that we maintain that safe environment. Because this is now a police matter, no additional information is available at this time,” a spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, police are still investigating the incident and prosecutors are determining whether they will pursue hate crime or other charges.

The incident comes as the far left continues hyping up racial divisions in the wake of the Tyre Nichols police killing. Despite officers involved in that incident all being black, the left still leveraged the event to incite violence and hatred towards white people.

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