Guinness Pulling ‘Offensive’ Ad After Activists Throw Fit

Billboards promoting national pride trigger leftists

Image Credits: Dan Mullan/Getty Images.

Guinness has announced they are pulling an advertisement promoting national pride after leftists and open borders activists deemed it ‘offensive’ and disrespectful of ‘diversity.’

The famous Irish beer brewer is sponsoring the ongoing Six Nations international rugby tournament and has posted billboards around Dublin reading “You don’t pick a side. Your grandparents have done that already.”

A local mainstream journalist posted an image of the billboard along with disapproving commentary.

“Interesting 6 Nations advert from Guinness,” wrote Mark Tighe. “Guess they never heard of Stander, Aki or Tuilagi. I’m sure their families and thousands of other immigrants (and their kids) will be cheering on their countries this weekend.”

The Immigrant Council of Ireland also voiced their displeasure with the ad, tagging Guinness in a retweet.

“We’ve been pondering this too,” they wrote. “Can see the sentiment, but it doesn’t celebrate the strength of the Irish team (& wider society) or the huge benefit our diversity brings. Back to the drawing board, Guinness Ireland.”

Guinness quickly apologized for the ‘offensive’ advert and announced it would be replaced by next week, according to the Irish Times.

“The billboard was meant to show the competitive nature of the Guinness Six Nations,” said a spokeswoman for parent company Diageo. “It was to convey the passion with which people follow the team they support, be it because of where they were born, where they live or familial ties as well as the heightened intensity of these rivalries due to the proximity and history of the competing countries.”

“We regret if the billboard caused offense or confusion. This was absolutely not our intention.”

The Immigrant Council praised the decision, saying, “Fair play to Guinness for recognizing the strength diversity provides the Irish team & its supporters & reconsidering their posters.”

Guinness has been touted by the United Nations Refugee Agency for their participation in training and hiring programs for ‘refugees and asylum seekers.’

Dan Lyman:

Political correctness in the UK has reached unprecedented levels of insanity as the left eats itself alive.