Gun Rights Victory: Bump Stock Ban Defeated in Biggest 2nd Amendment Case In 20 Years

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Image Credits: Infowars.

Michael Cargill of Come And Talk It joined Alex Jones in-studio to explain his recent victory in defeating the bump stock ban in the 5th circuit court:

“[The feds] are trying to get everything … the ATF, a federal agency within our federal government cannot write law,” warned Cargill Monday. “Something that I have inside my house that I purchased legally, something that was legal for 10 years & two U.S. presidents – all of a sudden- they changed their mind & they’re saying ‘hey it’s illegal & we’re going to confiscate that & turn you into a felon overnight.’”

“We’re taking it to the Department of Justice because they’re coming after AR pistols, they’re coming after Sig braces, they’re trying to get triggers, they’re trying to get everything.”

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