Hannity Uses Pythagorean Theorem to Explain Why We Must Bomb Iran Or Else There Will Be Another Holocaust

Fox host getting swept up in neocon war hysteria

Image Credits: @JordanUhl/Twitter.

Shortly after Tucker Carlson warned against a war with Iran on his show Thursday night, Sean Hannity told his viewers that Trump needs to bomb Iran or else it’s mathematically guaranteed there will be another holocaust.

“A-squared, B-squared equals C-squared,” Hannity said. “Radical Islamic mullahs married to weapons of mass destruction, nukes, equals a potential holocaust.”

“We can’t let that happen,” he said. “That’s it — it’s mathematical.”

“Hannity is using the Pythagorean Theorum to explain why we have to bomb Iran or else there will be another Holocaust,” Twitter user Andrew Lawrence commented.

Hannity also threatened Iran by saying that if they don’t swiftly deescalate the situation with the US then Trump “will bomb the hell out of them” because this is “simple peace through strength.”

Fortunately, President Trump appears to have finally started to listen to Tucker Carlson instead of Sean Hannity as he elected not to carry out a strike earlier that night sometime around 7:30PM EST.

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