Harvard Scientist Exposes CIA Mind Control Weapons & How They’re Used Against The Public

Powerful interview also discusses Havana syndrome, DNA resonance, microwave and 'Voice of God' weapon technology, artificial intelligence, and much more!

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

A powerful interview featuring a Harvard and MIT-educated scientist and a victim of Havana syndrome dives deep into the topics of CIA mind control, next generation weapons, and AI, and how they’re being deployed against the population today.

From the “Koncrete” podcast description:

Leonid “Len” Ber received his MD degree in the former USSR where he specialized and practiced as an endocrinologist. Now a US citizen, Len is one of the few US civilians to ever be officially diagnosed with Havana syndrome.

Robert Duncan is a renaissance educated man from Harvard & M.I.T with a focus on medical sciences, engineering, computer science and more specifically genetic algorithm optimizations of neural networks. He has worked on projects for DARPA, the CIA, the Navy, and Army.