“He Is A Legend”: Trump Reacts To Death Of Rush Limbaugh

Image Credits: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images.

President Trump called in to Fox News following the death of conservative talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday, praising him as an “irreplaceable” voice of the conservative movement.

“He is a legend. There aren’t too many legends around, but he is a legend,” Trump said. “And to those people who listen to him every day, it was like a religious experience for a lot of people. His fans, they just wouldn’t miss him. A very unique person,” Trump said.

Trump said he had called Rush in his final months and days and commended him for his brave fight against lung cancer.

“I called him to find out, you know, his fight was very, very courageous. And he was very, very sick, from diagnosis on, it was just something that was not going to be beaten. But you wouldn’t know it,” Trump said.

“In theory, he could’ve been gone 4 months ago, he was fighting to the very end, he was a fighter, and just a great gentleman.”

Trump described how Limbaugh was a pivotal voice in the populist conservative movement and the America First movement.

“He had an audience that was massive. He would get and do the show, and just talk. He wouldn’t take phone calls, where you know, people would call in every 2 minutes and, it’s sort of easy to do.  He would just talk for two hours, three hours, just talk. And that’s not an easy thing to do,” Trump explained.

“I once asked him, ‘do you study for the show?’ And he said, ‘actually, I study very hard.’ Which surprised me a little bit. But he was a fantastic man, a fantastic talent. And people, whether they loved him or not, they respected him. They really did.”

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