Image for Eating Nuts Boosts Brain Health – Study

Eating Nuts Boosts Brain Health – Study

Researchers saw improved thinking, reasoning, memory

4 hours ago By University of South Australia | Medical Xpress

Image for Scientists Hunting for Source of Chronic Pain

Scientists Hunting for Source of Chronic Pain

Pain mechanisms differ between men, women

6 hours ago By University of Texas at Dallas | EurekAlert!

Study: March Madness Most Popular Time For Vasectomies

Westerners sterilize themselves before watching the big game

1 day ago By

Study: Refugee Women Having Healthier Pregnancies Than US Women

Researchers cite unhealthy US culture, processed food

1 day ago By University at Buffalo | Medical Xpress

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Mar 18, 2019

Research Ties Common Heartburn Meds to Kidney Disease

Study predicts public health crisis because drugs considered safe

Mar 15, 2019

Study: Device Tests Sweat as Effectively as Blood

Finding shows promise for noninvasive testing

Mar 14, 2019

Mar 14, 2019

“One Size Fits All” Vaccine Wrong – Research

Vaccines work differently for each individual

Mar 13, 2019

Heart Calls on Bone Marrow Cells for Healing After Heart Attack

Study examines how heart sends SOS signal to bones

Mar 13, 2019

Brain Discovery: Taste Connected to Pain

Taste closely tied to emotion also

Mar 11, 2019

Study: Air Pollution Impacts Unborn’s Heart

Exposure can even affect child into adulthood

Mar 08, 2019

Mar 08, 2019

Study: Vitamin D Protects Against Asthma Symptoms

Research analyses obese children living in urban environments

Mar 07, 2019

Breakthrough: Researchers Find High Blood Pressure Link

Early onset menstruation linked to high blood pressure in late adulthood, says study

Mar 07, 2019

Expert Slams Vaccine Study Funded by Big Pharma

Bogus study doesn’t change anything about MMR-Autism debate

Mar 07, 2019

Vaccine Skeptics Under Siege

When it comes to protecting our children, skepticism is always the best medicine

Mar 06, 2019

Study: Bandages Infused With Electricity Better Than Antibiotics

Researchers analyze groundbreaking wound treatment

Mar 05, 2019

Illinois Fast-Tracks Abortion Legislation So Extreme You Won’t Believe It

The leftist caucus of the Illinois General Assembly looked at New York and Virginia’s late-term abortion legislation and said, ‘Hold my beer.’

Mar 04, 2019

Study: Older, unhealthy adults feel more isolated

Poor health and bad habits were more likely to accompany loneliness

Mar 04, 2019

Texas Lawsuit Accuses Cali Doctor of Wrongfully Harvesting Children’s Organs and Tissue

'...staff were disturbed by the autopsies of the infants...'

Feb 28, 2019

Report: Sudden Cardiac Deaths in Children Linked to Vaccines

Experts ignoring adverse heart effects listed on childhood vaccines

Feb 28, 2019

WATCH: Planned Parenthood Doc Said She Would “Break the Baby’s Neck” if Born Alive After Abortion

Abortionists warned of horrific final step if baby born alive after botched abortion

Feb 27, 2019

Research: Listening to Music “Significantly Impairs” Creativity

Music with familiar lyrics, instrumental songs involved in study

Feb 27, 2019

Study: Cycling “Happiest” Mode of Transportation

Public transit deemed least happy, least meaningful

Feb 26, 2019

Report: CDC Age Boost Opens 80 Million to HPV Vaccine

Advisory committee considering expanding recommendations for vaccine to ages 27 to 45

Feb 26, 2019

Feb 25, 2019

Feb 25, 2019

Study: Visiting Urban Parks Makes You Happier

Researchers see boost in just 20 minutes

Feb 22, 2019

Feb 21, 2019

Report: Newly Released Emails Show Executives Agreeing to Understate OxyContin’s Risks

Drug was Purdue Pharma’s biggest revenue stream for decades

Feb 21, 2019

CDC: Yellow Fever Vaccine Has “Serious Sometimes Fatal Side Effects”

Vaccine allowed for people as young as nine months

Feb 20, 2019

Grand Canyon Tourists Exposed To Radiation Inside Building For Nearly Two Decades, Safety Manager Claims

Containers of uranium removed last year... not brought to public’s attention until this month

Feb 19, 2019

“Right” Amount of Dopamine Improves Cognitive Ability

Study participants given fruit juice for memory tasks

Feb 19, 2019

Doctor’s Testimony Tears Apart Measles Vaccine

Dr. Brian Hooker’s complete statement to Wash. legislators

Feb 18, 2019

Researchers Swapping Gut Bacteria to Conquer Aging Brains

Scientists exploit cause, effect relationship between bacteria, cognitive abilities

Feb 18, 2019

Study: Heavy Smoking Damages Vision

Blood vessels, neurons in eye suffer from chronic use

Feb 15, 2019

Feb 14, 2019

Study: Texting Soldiers, Vets Decreases Chances of Suicide

Vets have a 50% higher incidence of suicide than general population

Feb 14, 2019