Image for New York Magazine Tells Women How to Kill Their Babies in Abortions

New York Magazine Tells Women How to Kill Their Babies in Abortions

Article claimed ending Roe will cause 'unimaginable suffering,' and promoted guide as tool to ease suffering.

1 day ago By Micaiah Bilger |

Image for U.S. Ruling Class Is “In The Process” Of Releasing A Vaccine For Monkeypox

U.S. Ruling Class Is “In The Process” Of Releasing A Vaccine For Monkeypox

'We are hoping to maximize vaccine distribution to those that we know would benefit from it,' says CDC researcher.

1 day ago By Mac Slavo |

Navy Sailors Deserting at “Staggering” Rate Amid Mental Health Crisis

Soaring desertions may point to emerging mental health crisis in the service

2 days ago By Zero Hedge

Fears monkeypox is detected in a THIRD US state with Florida resident forced into isolation

Mystery outbreak continues to spread: CDC says case is 'related to international travel'

3 days ago By Daily Mail

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May 22, 2022

Belgium become first country to introduce compulsory monkeypox quarantine

Anyone testing positive must isolate for 21 days as 14 countries now confirm outbreaks and doctors warn of 'significant rise' in UK cases

May 19, 2022

CDC Now Investigating 180 Cases of Children With Hepatitis of “Unknown Cause”

But other experts say it was caused by lockdown weakening immune systems.

May 18, 2022

A Medical Revolt Is Coming

The absence of market discipline in medicine cannot last

May 17, 2022

Swim Coaches Recommend a Transgender Division for Athletes

'[T]he inclusion of transgender people into female sports cannot be balanced with fairness due to the retained differences in strength, stamina and physique,' the World Swimming Coaches Association's statement reads.

May 17, 2022

Abbott Nutrition Says Deal Made With FDA to Reopen Infant Formula Plant

Could take up to eight weeks to get more product on shelves at US stores, company says

May 16, 2022

Investigation Launched After ‘Mystery’ Surge in Deaths of Newborn Babies

Health authorities say it's not due to COVID infections.

May 16, 2022

White House Admits It Lied About Vaccines

The people aren't buying it.

May 12, 2022

Lockdown Advocate Admits Negative Impacts Were Never Considered

Another technocrat flees the sinking narrative.

May 11, 2022

Covid Hysteria Collapsing As Humanity Wakes Up To Medical Tyranny

The Covid scam could be backfiring on the elite

May 11, 2022

Baby Formula Shortage Hits Canada

Families are struggling to procure specialty baby formula as supply-chain issues hit North America

May 09, 2022

Israeli Data Shows 25% Spike In Emergency Heart Problems Among “Fully Vaccinated” Young Adults

Covid vaccines cause spike in heart-related emergencies in young adults, especially after the second dose.

May 09, 2022

US Faces Baby Formula Shortage

Retailers introduce rationing as supplies dwindle

May 08, 2022

Student Athletes Now Being Screened For COVID Vaccine Adverse Reaction Risks

Heart inflammation becoming so common in vaccinated athletes that private medical practices are now starting to conduct COVID-vaccine physicals.

May 08, 2022

COVID Whistleblower Nurse Goes Head-On With N.W.O.

Undercover nurse Erin Marie Olszewski reveals how she recorded hospitals in Cuomo's NYC murdering COVID patients.

May 08, 2022

Ireland considered full-blown surveillance state in response to Covid, book alleges

They only implemented some of the originally-considered measures.

May 06, 2022

FDA restricts Covid vaccine over safety issues

When limiting the Johnson & Johnson's Covid vaccine’s use to certain adults only, the US health regulator cited potentially dangerous side effects.

May 05, 2022

Report: CDC Spied On Americans To See If They Were Complying With Lockdowns

CDC lauded the data for "hourly monitoring of activity in curfew zones or detailed counts of visits to participating pharmacies for vaccine monitoring."

May 05, 2022

Survey reveals parents’ stance on Covid vax for children

27% said they will “definitely not” vaccinate their children

May 05, 2022

Top German professor raises Covid vaccines alarm

After an estimated half a million cases of adverse effects, Professor Harald Matthes called on doctors to “take action”

May 04, 2022

Study: Covid Vaccine Complications 40X Higher Than Reported

Long-term observation study interviewed 40,000 vaccine takers at various times in Germany

May 03, 2022

Meds: The Seen—and Unseen—of Intellectual Property Laws

Much of what we might call monopoly capitalism (or crony capitalism) can be tied to intellectual property laws

May 01, 2022

You Will NEVER Trust a Celebrity Again After Watching This

Celebs pushed deadly COVID shots on the population in coordinated campaign as horrific side effects go unreported by mainstream media.

May 01, 2022

May 01, 2022

Bill Gates warns ‘we’ve not seen the WORST of Covid

Microsoft billionaire says there is 'way above five percent' risk of pandemic generating more transmissive and 'even more fatal' Coronavirus variant