Image for ‘COVID Teams’ Can Inject Children Without Parental Consent, UK Officials Say

‘COVID Teams’ Can Inject Children Without Parental Consent, UK Officials Say

“Young people who understand fully what is involved in a proposed procedure, such as vaccination, can legally give consent."

3 hours ago By RT

Image for Soy Milk Makes Men Grow Breasts, Develop Erectile Dysfunction – Study

Soy Milk Makes Men Grow Breasts, Develop Erectile Dysfunction – Study

Masculinity under siege from estrogenic chemicals in modern society

3 hours ago By Conrad Scott | Herculean Strength

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Sep 15, 2021

Contaminated Pfizer Vaccines Reported In Several Japanese Cities

'White-colored floating substances' discovered in vials

Sep 15, 2021

Idaho doctor reports a ‘20 times increase’ of cancer in vaccinated patients

'Post-vaccine, what we are seeing is a drop in your killer T-cells, in your CD8 cells,” said Dr. Ryan Cole

Sep 15, 2021

Despite Mandates, Biden Commerce Secretary Claims “Nobody Is Being Forced” To Take COVID Vaccine

"There’s always been a choice: If you do not want to get vaccinated, you can work from home, shop online."

Sep 15, 2021

Israel Facing New Record Corona Spike Despite Vaccine Passport Rollout

And over 61 per cent of population having been vaccinated.

Sep 13, 2021

A Legacy of Corruption in the FDA and Big Pharma

As long as Big Pharma wants it, and if there's a profit to be made, apparently our government will be there to provide lots of taxpayer funding

Sep 13, 2021

Sep 13, 2021

Video: MSNBC Host Claims COVID Is Like A 9/11 Death Toll “Every Two Days”

Uses anniversary of terrorist atrocity to defend Biden vaccine mandates

Sep 13, 2021

Sep 12, 2021

Heart Inflammation in Teens Explodes Across US After FDA Approves Injections

Latest example comes from student athlete who took to Instagram to warn others about myocarditis from COVID shot.

Sep 10, 2021

Denmark Becomes First in EU to Fully Lift COVID Restrictions

However, gov't reserves right to reimpose special measures “if the pandemic again threatens important functions in society.”

Sep 09, 2021

Report: College Textbook Says People Who Oppose Lockdowns Caused COVID Deaths

"Lives were lost because some Americans held beliefs that were at odds with the facts.”

Sep 09, 2021

Sep 08, 2021

AP Forced to Issue Correction on Fake News About Ivermectin

Falsely claimed 70% of calls to Mississippi Poison Control Center were about ivermectin.

Sep 07, 2021

Horror: Texas Abortion Clinics Cram In Dozens of Abortions Ahead of Heartbeat Ban Deadline

Clinic in Fort Worth packed out with patients on eve of Texas' new pro-life bill going into effect.

Sep 07, 2021

Sep 07, 2021

Report: Different ‘Pandemic Potential’ Brain Destroying Virus With 75% Death Rate Spreading In India

“People should continue to wear masks and practice social distancing to stop the Nipah virus from spreading."

Sep 06, 2021

Ticket Sales “Flatlining” as Rebellion Against Vaccine Passports Grows

Industry faces financial oblivion if made to enforce new scheme.