Here’s All The Twisted Sh*t Found in Epstein’s Home During FBI Raid

Includes child porn, a painting of Epstein in prison, and signed photo of Bill Clinton

The FBI arrested billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein for sex trafficking, and raided his Manhattan mansion over the weekend.

During the course of the raid of his $77 million 7-floor private townhome, the FBI found a number of bizarre – and even criminal – items along with strange design features in Epstein’s home.

The most damning thing the FBI discovered was a “vast trove” of lewd photos of young women and girls, some of which were found in a locked safe.

Epstein also had commissioned a bizarre mural found on the second floor, showing him in the middle of a prison scene surrounded by barbed wire, guards and a guard station.

Reportedly he had told a recent guest, “That’s me, and I had this painted because there is always the possibility that could be me again.”

Many other odd things were found, including:

– A wall decorated with photos of director Woody Allen, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, and a signed photo of former President Bill Clinton.

– A custom-made chess board with each of the figurines dressed in underwear, reportedly modeled after his employees. Creepy!

– A massage room filled with sex toys.

– A life-size doll hanging from a chandelier and a dining room designed to resemble a beach.

– A 20-seat dining table surrounded by computer screens and phones.

– A full-sized dental chair installed in his bathroom.

Epstein – a registered sex offender – pleaded not guilty Monday at a Lower Manhattan court to two counts of sex trafficking dozens of minors, and will be held without bail at least until a July 15 detention hearing.