‘Hero’ Citizen Shoots Armed Robbers at 7-Eleven

Armed civilian prevents violent crime

Image Credits: Screenshot / WTVR.

A legally-armed citizen is being hailed as a hero after he thwarted an attempted robbery at a 7-Eleven in Virginia, shooting two perpetrators and killing one, according to reports.

Police were called to a 7-Eleven convenience store in Virginia Beach at around 2:10 am on Thursday morning, where they reportedly discovered two people had been shot, one of whom ultimately died while the other suffered life-threatening injuries.

“Investigators learned that the two males had entered the 7-Eleven and were attempting to commit an armed robbery of the store clerks,” a Virginia Beach Police spokesperson said. “Another citizen, who was already in the store and in possession of a legal weapon, confronted and ultimately shot the suspects.”

Local media spoke with customers who were in the store at the time. They called the armed civilian a “hero.”

The wounded suspect was transported to hospital while a third suspect was arrested in the vicinity.

Police say they believe the attempted heist was related to three more armed robberies that took place that night in nearby communities.

This is the second deadly shooting at a 7-Eleven in Hampton Roads in the past two weeks.

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