Hey Don Lemon! Tests Show Trump Voters Smarter Than Hillary Supporters

Mainstream media's 'dumb redneck' stereotype destroyed

While CNN’s Don Lemon recently mocked millions of conservatives on live television, America’s “leading omnibus academic survey” shows Trump voters “scored higher on verbal ability tests and science knowledge” than Hillary Clinton supporters.

The 2018 General Social Survey (GSS) is the best available data on the intelligence of Trump supporters and it totally disproves Lemon’s condescending insinuation that Trump supporters are idiots.

Watch below as Lemon and two CNN guests ridicule the intelligence of Trump and his base.

Regarding the verbal test, the GSS concluded, “The mean verbal ability score for Trump supporters was 6.15 words correct, while the mean verbal ability score for Clinton supporters was 5.69 correct, a difference of nearly a half a question on a 10-question test.”

“Further, Trump supporters score significantly higher on verbal ability (6.15 correct) than the rest of the public combined (5.70 correct), whereas Clinton supporters score significantly lower on verbal ability (5.69 correct) than the rest of the public combined (5.98 correct),” the survey stated.

In fact, PJ Media reports, “Conservative Republicans have consistently scored significantly higher than the rest of the public combined on the 22 General Social Surveys using the verbal ability scale since 1974.”

In the field of science, Trump supporters scored “significantly” higher than Clinton voters.

Reason.com reported, “Less than half of 2016 Clinton supporters (49.6%) are able to answer correctly both of two related questions: whether the earth goes around the sun or the sun goes around the earth (EARTHSUN) and whether that takes a day, a month, or a year (SOLARREV).”

“Remember these two questions are multiple choice!” Reason continued. “You would have a 50-50 chance of guessing correctly on the first part: whether the earth goes around the sun or vice versa. Sadly, the general public didn’t do hugely better than Clinton supporters, with only 57.1% (compared to 49.6%) knowing that the earth goes around the sun and that it takes a year to do so.”

That’s right, less than half of the Hillary voters who participated in the survey could tell you the earth revolves around the Sun and that it takes one year to do so.

The GOP was smart enough to turn the clip into an advertisement for Republicans in the upcoming election.