High Treason As WHO Subjugates The USA

Did any American vote to have their rights handed over to an unelected group overseas?

Image Credits: banned.video.

The eugenics operation being run by the global elite isn’t finished. The establishment managed to eliminate a fraction of the populace through the virus and the vaccines, surpassing the genocide of Nazi Germany.

However, the overall goal of the Satanic cabal is that it must reduce humans from 7 billion to a manageable slave populace of 500 million.

And even though the pandemic has been largely exposed as a manufactured event, the elitists push forward hedging their bets on more genocide as their silent kill strategy stumbles through its engineered propaganda.

How long before those who know someone who has died suddenly or those injured by the vaccines strike back once the war on humanity is completely 100% out in the open? Because it is.

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