Hilarious Video: Biden Slowly Realises Indian National Anthem Isn’t U.S. National Anthem

Lowers hand from heart, hopes no one notices

Image Credits: Screenshot.

During a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House Thursday, Joe Biden stumbled around holding the guy’s hand while appearing perpetually confused.

In one hilarious moment, the pair stood for the playing of their respective county’s national anthems. When the band began to play, Biden raised his hand to his heart, but then slowly realised they were playing the Indian anthem, not the U.S. one.

Adding to the complete cringe, Biden then lowered his hand bit by bit, as if no one would notice.

During a ‘press conference’, Biden took two scripted questions and read the answers from notes in front of him:

Reading is a stretch though:

It’s much easier to just make shit up:

He then left as someone asked a real question, before having their mic cut:

Earlier questions also fell on deaf ears:

He didn’t know who he was speaking to:

During dinner, Biden toasted everyone and then asked where he was:

It seems that someone has finally advised Biden to stop telling people on raised platforms or balconies “don’t jump,” which he replaced with “don’t fall.”

How can he possibly last another five years in office?



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