Hillary Clinton Ignores Democrats Caught In Sexual Harassment Scandals

Instead discussed allegations against Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore and President Trump

Image Credits: YouTube Screenshot.

Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton avoided discussing two Democratic politicians, including her husband, whose names were included in a question about sexual harassment in politics.

Jonathan Capehart, a MSNBC contributor and liberal Washington Post writer, spoke with Clinton in an interview that that aired on Tuesday during the latest episode of his podcast, “Cape Up With Jonathan Capehart.” Capehart asked Clinton about the cultural moment in the United States in response to sexual misconduct in politics.

“It’s politics and it’s gotten very political, and there are lot of names in this hopper. Whether it’s Franken or Moore, or Trump or Clinton … you name it. Does that make it harder or easier to not have it be a blip, just a cultural moment instead of a cultural change?” Capehart asked.

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